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PAX Prime 2011 Forum Badges

kropotkinkropotkin MrLondon UKRegistered User regular
edited July 2011 in PAX Archive
Yes it's that time when the now infamous forum badges make their presence felt. Since 2008 these badges have been knocking about and they are generally welcomed, I believe anyway.

Below are the design I have come up with for this year's PAX Prime:

Front - Version 1

This is modelled on the PAX East 2011 badge with the only change being the blue colour scheme and change of PAX logo. Also no cloud effect in the back ground.

Front - Version 2

Similar to version 1 only with cloud effect. I quite like this one, but I shall bow to the will of this thread.

Back - Version 1

Finally we have the back of the badge. Once again I have gone for a radical redesign here, let me know what you think!

Details on how to get these badges will be explained closer to PAX Prime :)

kropotkin on


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