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This thread will be for posting that you HAVE a pass that you would like to sell at Face Value Only (this means NO TRADES, passes for cash ONLY).

Face Value = $60/3-Day Pass & $35/Single-Day Pass

You may charge for shipping if you ship the pass(es), however it must be a reasonable shipping cost as per USPS, FedEX, UPS, ect ect.

Buyers are encouraged to report ANY sellers who try to make a profit via shipping costs or contacts you via PM offering to sell passes at a higher value.

IMPORTANT: The date to change registration info has passed. When selling a pass, the e-mailed pdf is NOT the pass. Sending a person the PDF will NOT get them into PAX. In order to complete a sale, the only option for selling/buying a pass is to either mail it out after it's been received OR to hand it off at PAX. Please keep this in mind when Buying or Selling a pass. Also, please report anybody charging too much for shipping.

Sellers: Please only make One post. Repeated posts will be removed, and you may incur an infraction if it becomes excessive


Your Name:
Number and Type of Pass(es):
Best Method of Contact:
Why You Are Selling the Pass(es):

Once your passes are sold, please edit your post to reflect this.

You will get BANNED and your post deleted for any of the following:
  • Posts asking for passes.
  • Stories on how/why you missed out on getting a three day pass and why you deserve one.
  • Posts offering to pay more the face value of the passes.
  • Posts selling for more than face value of the passes.
  • Private Messages offering to buy or sell for more than face value of the passes.
  • Anything that is not a post offering a pass for sale at face value.
  • Asking potential buyers to do anything other than exchange face value legal tender for passes
  • Use of color or enlarged text for attention grabbing purposes

NOTE: It is not okay to sell "partial" passes. Example: "I have a 3 day pass, but won't be attending sunday, pay me $X and you can use my pass on Sunday." This is NOT OKAY. When you offer your pass here, you must offer the WHOLE PASS. It is also not okay to trade one type of pass for another. This is for face value sale only, no trades.

Buyers: Buy smart and don't get scammed. Report all suspected scammers using the report button in a post or PM or through Private Message directly to me.

If you have any questions regarding passes, please post them in the PAX FAQ thread where they will be answered promptly.

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