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ACROPHOBIA - And the winner is...DARRIC!

TrippyJingTrippyJing Moses supposes his toeses are roses.But Moses supposes erroneously.Registered User regular
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Welcome to Acrophobia.

For those of you not familiar with Acrophobia, you can check out the Wikipedia page, but long story short it was originally an IRC game based on the creation of backronyms for random letter strings. I am here to conduct a forum version of it, which I'v played on some other forum, and now want to carry it on. Along with the modified OP.

Acrophobia is a very simple. It is composed of 5 rounds of play, each with two phases. During the first phase, I will announce a set of 3-7 random letters. You then have to create a backronym for those letters, and PM it to me. I cannot stress that enough. PM. IT. TO. ME. Do not post it into the thread. Any backronyms (hereby referred to as "acros") posted in the thread will not be counted, even if you PM it afterwards. The reason for this is to try to prevent any sort of bias towards or away from certain players. (ie, if the person with the most points accidentally posts instead of PMs, then during the voting phase, some players will deliberately not vote for them because they're in the lead)

After the creation phase is the voting phase. I will post everyone's acros (without the creators' names, of course) and everyone will PM me their vote on the best one. After the voting period has ended, I will post who wrote what, and tally up the points as follows:

- Each vote gives you 1 point.
- Whoever got the most votes earns a number of bonus points equal to the number of letters in the acronym. (ie, if the acronym is FKWT, then they would earn 4 points)
- Each person who voted for the number 1 earns a bonus point. (This is subject to change if the majority of the players reject this idea)
- If you make an acro, but then don't vote, you forfeit any points you would have earned that round. Obviously, you cannot vote for your own acro.

Once the votes are tallied, I'll post another acronym, and we begin the next round.

Any questions/suggestions, just post in this thread. I'll be giving about 24-48 hours for each phase.

Additional notes:
- You do not have to announce ahead of time that you're playing. You can join or leave the game at any time. If we're on round 6, you can post an acro. You don't have to make an acro to vote, but if you DO make an acro, you MUST vote or else you forfeit your points for the round.
- At the end of each phase, I will edit the post below with all the information you need to play the current phase. During creation, I will have the acronym posted. During voting, I'll post all the acros. This will be in addition to the post I'll add to this thread to help bump it.
- You can only make 1 acro per round. If you send me a new acro after you already sent one, your new acro will replace whatever you already came up with.
- IM talk is forbidden, as is deliberate misspellings of words to make them fit the acronym. If the acronym is "URAC" then "U R A Cheater" is disqualified. However, common abbreviations for things ARE permitted. For example, if the acronym contains a W, then you could use "WoW" to make an acro that refers to World of Warcraft. However, you may NOT split up the abbreviation to fit the acronym. So if the acronym contains "WW" then you cannot use "Wo W" or "Worldof Warcraft"
- One word per letter. Contractions (ie, you're, we're, etc.) are fine.
- Punctuation is permitted. If the acro is long enough, multiple sentences are permitted, as long as the first letter of each word still fits. If the acronym is "AFM" then "Ahh....Fresh meat!" is permitted.
- I will accept anything, but keep in mind that other people are voting, and that their opinions matter. If you attempt to submit something like the "Wo W" example above, don't expect any votes.

Really important note: All PMs to me must have the submission or the vote in the Title of the PM. This will save me the trouble of having to open all of them.


Do you miss playing or have never played real-time Acrophobia? Well, mully's got something special for ya!
mully wrote: »

i just downloaded this
after that, you sign up through the little program
seems to be about the same thing

e: yep i just played a round - pretty much exactly the same - 60 seconds to play, 30 seconds to vote, themed. SUPER FUN.

maybe it could be added to the OP?

TrippyJing on


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