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The Salty [Phalla]: Curse of the Crusty Pearls - VILLAGE VICTORY

InfidelInfidel HereticRegistered User regular
edited May 2011 in Critical Failures
The Salty Phalla
Curse of the Crusty Pearls

A phalla brought to you by Infidel and DrKippy

What's this?

This be phalla, read up if'n you can read that is.

What's going on?

YOU ARE A PIRATE. O' the Salty Phalla. Cap'n Broadbeard leads ye to blood and riches and delivers we from scurvy.

Why pirates?


No, seriously. And didn't you just run a game?

Blame DrKippy, he's equal share in this venture! And we have no main.

Sigh. What are the rules then?

BE THE BEST PIRATE YE CAN BE. Make em walk the plank!

(This is a hidden mechanics game so you'll just have to signup and see. It's a traditional mafia setup with a vote I'll give you that much.)

Whatever, fine. I'm in.




Oh thank god.

(Don't thank me yet.)

Each day as a player you must vote for a target in red bold. Such as !DrKippy. The "winner" of the vote will be made to walk the plank, sent to a briny sleep. Retractions are not necessary but may be done in !bold lime. Failure to vote will make me very angry and more importantly anger Levinactivus of the Deep.

Any and all orders should be sent to Infidel.

Each day there will be an event, starting with Day 2's narration. You will have (typically) until vote close to enter the contest. The contest will be to decide who is fit to captain the Salty Phalla next. Winning said contests will earn you Pirate Leadership Points the fastest, and you may even get PLP just for participation.

The pirate with the highest PLP each day will be awarded the Captain's Hat. It is very stylish, and demands some respect to the authority it represents. It will be very apparent who is wearing the hat and it may or may not change hands each night. To become the new captain at the end of the game, a pirate must lead in PLP.

There are items in this game. Items can be traded by PMing Infidel with the item and the recipient's name that you wish to trade. Trades will happen during the Item phase at night, no trading will occur during the day and the recipient does not need to be PM'd or confirm the trade.

Order of actions: Vote > Actions > Items > Kills

Days will end 10pm CDT.

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