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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "PA In China", by An-D

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An-D wrote: »
I thought the other strips were from Korean kids? o_O I teach in Changchun, which was where all the bad shit was going down when Japan had invaded China. My students have no time for Japanese people.

Have a few more because I like attention:




Post: PA In China
Forum: Social Entropy++
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Posted by: An-D
Original Content:
I'm pretty sure this is my first post in this forum, but I figure its the safest place for it/the place where it may be the most appreciated.

I teach English in China, and today I printed off a bunch of random Penny Arcade comics, removed the text and I had my students fill in the bubbles. I figure I'd share some of the results:







That is just a few of them. I sent an email to Gabe & Tycho with the rest. They might show them off but if not, I want them to get some attention. Some are entertaining, some are...confusing and all are open to interpretation.

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