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[Mini] The Chronicles of Amber - Brand Victorious (Serial Killer Victory)

LoserForHireXLoserForHireX Registered User regular
edited May 2011 in Critical Failures

Amber, the Eternal City. Everything in the universe merely mimics its grace and beauty. Amber is the center of order in the universe, casting shadows that make up all of existence. Earth is merely one of many shadows cast by Amber. Some say the number of shadows cast is actually infinite. With the power of the Pattern, the rulers of Amber can control shadow and walk through them to discover these endless possibilities.

While Amber is the center of order in the universe, its ruling family embodies the strongest trend of Chaos. Oberon, the Lord of Amber, has had many spouses. Oberon has had a total of nine sons, and five wives. In addition, Oberon has three daughters.

Oberon has disappeared. While some temporary absences have not been unheard of, the King has always left word, and has arranged for the safety and stability of Amber. This time none of that happened. Now some suspect that Oberon has perished. If so, then there must be a new King. Eric, the eldest resident son has seized the throne in the name of his father and as regent. However, there are others among the ruling family who aspire to lead. The daughters are largely unimportant, but his sons seem to be a nest of backstabbers and arrogant princes with few exceptions.

Something seems to have sensed the instability in the reign of Amber. The Courts of Chaos, which lie at the other end of shadow, seem to have begun a move against Amber. During this time of weakness in Amber, the ancient enemies from the Courts of Chaos have struck. Agents have begun to assassinate members of the court of Amber. This will allow the Courts to destabilize the careful balance between Chaos and Order, upsetting the entire universe. Eric of Amber has decreed that there be peace among all of the Princes of Amber while this new threat is dealt with.

Amber will not go without a fight.

This is a standard village vs mafia mini-phalla. It is for 25 or 30 players. All of the standard rules apply. Don't cheat please, it bums me out. I'd like to start it monday night, if we have enough people. If not, it'll start tuesday night.

Add me to any proboards that are made, please.

Knowledge of the subject material isn't necessary for playing this game. However, I encourage everyone who hasn't read these books to go out and do it. It's got some pretty 70s moments (because that's when it was written), but on the whole is pretty damn cool. Saying that, knowledge of the setting could be helpful.

While this will have all the standard roles, I am playing around with some more out there mechanics (at least for me). However, there are no thralls, millers, double reverse thrall vigilantes, or triple secret upside down village mafias. But other things are possible.

Every night there will be a vote for who to publically execute on suspicion of being an agent of the Courts of Chaos. You can retract your vote if you like, but it is not necessary, as I will only be counting your last vote.

Vote will close at 5pm PDT. Gauge your own close time appropriately. All actions must be in by 4:59pm PDT. Any in at 5:00pm PDT or later will be counted towards the next day, or ignored if the target is no longer valid.

Activity Requirement
Two posts per day, one for a vote, one for something else. You will be replaced after one warning.

Clarifications can be requested, and they will even be answered.

Signing Up is simply a matter of color

Sample villager PM

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