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Debate and/or Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Flappy Paddle is the one true shifter. [Car] Thread.&

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This story is cooler than all of Top Gun.
Post: Flappy Paddle is the one true shifter. [Car] Thread.
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Posted by: Thomamelas
Original Content:
If you ever go to DC, the Air and Space Museum has a hangar out by Dulles where they have a SR-71 among other lesser planes they can't fit into their main building. Its so pretty I wanted to touch it so bad. Never really appreciated how big it was.

Edwards AFB to Dulles in 64 min 20s. I hope we have some other even crazier secret planes, otherwise its another moon landing thing in my view. We reached so far, and then pulled back.
The problem is we don't really need the planes any more. Satellites can see more, and quicker, without exposing pilots to harm or capture. Now, if China's anti-satellite missiles really take off (hur hur) we may see a shift back to planes, but I doubt it.

One of my favorite SR-71 stories.

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