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Phallakinetic IV : Pinnacle Wins the Battle! But the war...

EdcrabEdcrab Registered User regular
edited June 2011 in Critical Failures

Fourth time lucky ... .. .


The New Renegade


This is a cycle, this is what happens

This is kind of how cycles work

Don't say I didn't warn you peons

Peons, that's funny

Anyone would think you hadn't died an ignoble death

If you'd listen for all of two minutes

I'm all ears

Shut up

He's back

List of Surviving Guild Members

1: 38thDoe, part of Beta Team, died Night 4
2: Egos, part of the Security Team, died Night 3
3: Ringo
4: Rend
5: adventfalls
6: MaxFrost - Doctor, died Night 1
7: Alegis
8: Balefuego, the Terror Disciple, died Night 4
9: SeGaTai, part of Beta Team, died Night 4
10: HeavyVillain, the Clone, an Experiment, died Night 4
11: Infidel, the Enforcer Officer, died Night 3
12: Phyphor
13: kuhlmeye, a Supervisor, Died Night 3
14: Dunadan019, part of the Assault Team, died Night 4
15: kime, part of Alpha Team, died Night 3
16: stever777
17: Gumpy - part of the Exigent Organisation, died Night 2
18: Sticks
19: Wiet
20: Munkus Beaver
21: Langly
22: SLyM, part of Security Team, died Night 4
23: Zay - Supervisor, died Night 1
24: Wildcat - part of the Assault Team, died Night 1
25: Neli
26: Spoit
27: Fiaryn
28: Fidoh
29: LoserForHireX - Engineer, died Night 2
30: TheLawinator - part of the Exigent Organisation, died Night 1
31: CaptainPlanet82, the Guild Elder, died Night 4
32: Peccavi
33: Trust, a Doctor, died Night 3
34: FecklessRogue - Beta Team, died Night 1
35: Marth, the Arcadian Telepath, died Night 3
36: Teucrian, part of the Exigent Organisation, died Night 4
37: jackisreal - Guard, died Night 2
38: The Anonymous
39: warban
40: Stew_Stick
41: Melding
42: LemmingHead, a Medic, died Night 3
43: mEEksa - Engineer, died Night 1
44: Zellpher
45: Baidol - Telekinetic, died Night 2
46: Heffling - Engineer, died Night 1
47: Void Slayer
48: Solar, part of the Security Team, died Night 3
49: Monkeyfeet
50: Tayrun - Alpha Team, died Night 2
51: Darian
52: Daius - part of the Exigent Organisation, died Night 2
53: Extermatott
54: Zandracon, the Warlock Mech, died Night 4
55: Malkor, part of Beta Team, Died Night 3
56: Rawkking Goodguy - Telekinetic, died Night 2
57: Wandering Hero
58: El Skid

(Original Player List)


1: Taya
2: vagrant_winds
3: Winky
4: Cythraul
5: Viscount Islands

Vote close will be 00:00 GMT (Midnight GMT). First day will begin at 00:00 on Sunday.

The New Management

The Pinnacle Guild now controls Arcadia.

Most of the populace have accepted the new regime. The ever-fickle powers of Alpha Sector turn a blind eye to the coup, unsure of the exact circumstances that lead to the shadowy Guild seizing control of the remote outworld.

But the shattered, outlawed Arcadian Order refuses to relinquish power. They've become the very thing that they once despised; terrorists, bombing Guild buildings and assassinating their officials. In a strange twist of fate they're now the allies of the Disciples, the remnants of the same chaotic cults they warred with for years.

And the rumour mill is working overtime. In fact it's pretty much burning down.

There's always something worse out there. That's just how it goes in Arcadia.

Damage Types
Normal: Physical damage. If the damage type is not specified it is this mundane, uncouth variety of damage.

Psionic: Damage that affects the mind. Psychological trauma and otherwise. Certain roles may be resistant or vulnerable to psi damage.

Special: Rare, extra-potent flavour of damage. Unless otherwise stated, defensive abilities- such as Guard- that increase a player's resilience have no effect on Special damage.

Sample Role Abilities
Aid: Restore the target's Life by the given amount after all attacks are resolved.

Cure: Strip away a single persistent negative effect from the target.

Guard: Reduce the total attack power sent towards the target.

Heal: Restore the target's Life by the given amount.

Intercept: Take the target's place for the purposes of all beneficial abilities sent their way.

Investigate: Normal seering method with a given chance of success.

Mindscan: Psionic seering method with a given chance of success.

Obstruct: Take the target's place for the purposes of all hostile abilities and attacks sent their way.

Nullify: ????

Martyrdom: ????

Chaosweb: ????

Oblivion: ????

Life Mechanics

The previous system has been simplied. Percentage attack powers are no longer an element, replaced instead with a straight HP mechanic. A player who hits 0 Life (or who is vote killed) is dead.

Players can have anything from 25-100 Life; the former end of the scale for support roles, the latter for tough attackers. Particularly special roles might have even more, but this potential fragility means the dangers of friendly fire must be kept in mind.


If you have a Proboard, send the Edcrab account a link. Groups should feel free to use a proboard thread to orchestrate and list their nightly actions, because I can appreciate how complicated it can get to organise. However, if an individual sends The Supercomputer an order PM, that PM will take priority over anything listed in the thread.

A Reminder

This is Phallakinetic, which means that while there are factions there's still a mafia and their power should not be underestimated, and that some seers are imperfect. If a faction leaves the game because they have won, they're considered to be eliminated for the purposes of victory conditions that require their demise (i.e., everybody wins).

There are conversions in this phalla, but they can only be used on members of the Experiment sub-faction. Something to keep in mind.

Village Victory Condition

Eliminate the forces of the Arcadian Order and the Exigent Organisation.

Protect Alpha Team and Beta Team. If they are lost, the game is over.


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
The End

Postgame Analysis

Edcrab on


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