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This is now a thread about Source mods, there's tons out there and I'm lazy so I'm quoting Meta:
Lets do this shit mother fuckers:

Dystopia: For being considerably less counter-strike than NEOTOKYO, class based shooter that involves hacking in a tron like zone separate the physical play space. If I remember usually involves attack and defend style maps. Rebels are attacking or whatever, Blue people are defending.

The Hidden: Terrifying team based shooter, with the opposition to said team being a lone 'experient-gone-wrong' invisible mother fucker who just has a knife, that can't be seen, along with his entire body. When the odds are stacked against "The Hidden" he gets pipe bombs that do plenty of damage but aren't good to kill healthy targets.

Pirates, Knights, & Vikings 2: usually TDM style or "Capture and Hold the Chests of Gold" maps, 3 teams of the 3 titles in the faction, kill the ever-loving shit out of each other. Pirates have guns but are skimpy little fucks, Knights are heavily armored shitmongers, and Vikings never gave a fuck in the first place + AXES.

Goldeneye: Source: Maybe not, but shit man FACILITY.

Insurgency: Its like battlefield without the vehicles and a lot more getting shot from ten miles away, kind of deal. Sim-like shooter based in iraq, mariners versus talibirds. I would rather we go for unseen waters in my next pick.

Resistance & Liberation: Extra realism WWII shooter, features no hud, crosshairs, or any bullshit. Fans of red orchestra rejoice.

Iron Grip: The Oppression: Basically the same idea of the steam release of IG:Warlords, but this time a player takes control of the emperor's army to squash freedom fighters that try to hold a city. Freedom fighters play in first person with a team of player's making up their ranks, goal is to kill the enemy officer. The "Rahmos" Officer is the leader kind of dude leading an army to occupy the rebel city, they can't die while taking the city or they lose. Good ole RTS VS FPS.

Zombie Master: Left 4 dead, but extra sketchy with a player acting as what you would now call "The Director", another RTS VS FPS affair.

I've played all of this shit except for RnL, which I really want to try so I threw a link in there. So I'm gonna be sitting on that till we drum up the numbers to play it.


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