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Come, Fire Walk with Me (Twin Peaks++)

GRMikeGRMike The Last Best Hope for HumanityThe God Pod Registered User regular
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Ok Kiddos, gather round and I'll tell you a story about this town called

Put this on repeat while you are in this thread.

Contrary to popular belief, Twin Peaks was a TV show created by David Lynch and aired on ABC from 1990-91. If you don't know who David Lynch is then let me drop some truth bombs. Lynch is the guy that brought us stuff like this and this. Oh yeah, and this.

Plus, his hair looks like this:
All the time.

Twin Peaks is a fictional town in Washington state that has somehow been able to avoid the hustle and bustle of the early 90's. The town is full of colorful characters, the most important of which we will break down one by one, but no character is as intriguing as the titular setting. (Not talking about this... ) All through the story the town seems to grow and shrink as well as harbor secrets and mysteries that make you feel so close, yet so very far away from solving the central puzzle...
Who Killed Laura Palmer?

That brings us to our first important character:
Laura Palmer. She is dead. Don't worry, that isn't a Spoiler or anything. You find that out right away. Laura Palmer is Twin Peaks' favorite daughter. Homecoming Queen, charity volunteer, tutor to special needs students, fish food. You see, Laura Palmer was found washed up on the banks of the river naked and wrapped in plastic. Who would want to kill sweet, innocent Laura Palmer?...

That is what he would like to know:
Sheriff Harry S. Truman. Yes, his name is awesome. Tru is the head lawman in Twin Peaks and he can handle pretty much anything that he comes across in his little berg. Drunk and disorderly. Domestic abuse. Reckless endangerment behind the wheel. Twin Peaks has a nice couple of cells you can cool your heels in, partner. But murder? Tru isn't exactly outfitted for that.

I mean just look at his backup:
Deputy Andy Brennen. Seasoned veteran of the Twin Peaks Sheriffs Department... has a penchant for breaking in to tears at the scene of a crime... any crime.

Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hill. Hawk is a Native American from the Blackfoot tribe. His skills consist of tracking... except for the fact he loses guys right off of the bat. I don't think that is actually part of his character development, but it always struck me as funny.

It is a good thing this guy shows up:
Special Agent Dale Bartholomew Cooper. FBI. There is a lot to know about Dale Cooper. Part of the fun of the show is finding out about him and what he is doing in Twin Peaks. The thing to know right off of the bat though is he enjoys, above all else, a damn fine cup of coffee. Damn fine. Cooper is sent to Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer when the M.O. matches that of the unsolved Theresa Banks case. He notates any and all of his findings to his assistant Diane via tape recorded message.

Special Agent Cooper meets with and interviews most of the important citizens of the town in connection with Laura Palmer in the days and hours leading up to her death. The citizenry include:

Leland Palmer. Laura's father played by Ray Wise. Leland and his wife Sarah aren't having an easy time since Laura died. They are both unstable... at best.

Donna Hayward. Laura Palmer's bestie and most trusted confidant played by Lara Flynn Boyle.
She eventually falls in love with this guy:
James Hurley. Bad boy. Biker. Laura Palmer's secret boyfriend.
Which isn't cool with this guy:
Bobby Briggs. Star Quarterback and also Laura Palmer's real boyfriend. He is and his friend Mike are both shitbags.
They are also in trouble with this guy:
Leo Johnson. White trash, truck driving, drug dealing, wife beating scum bag. You will spend a lot of time hating Leo.
But not as much as you will hate:
Ben Horne. Nefarious owner of the Great Northern Hotel and the man who owns half the town of Twin Peaks.
His daughter is:
Audry Horne. Played by a smoking hot Sherilyn Fenn. She is all bothered for Special Agent Dale Cooper (and who wouldn't be) but she is only 17. Poo.
This lady walks around... carrying a log.

These aren't all the characters by any means and right up front it might not seem all that different from any other run of the mill "Who Done It?" procedural. That is until you get through the first few episodes and you experience Midgets talking backwards, evil spirits with owl faces, teenagers hopped up on coke and barking like dogs, silent curtain runners, alternate dimensions and Billy Zane. I don't want to give everything away in the OP so if you haven't seen this show yet it is streaming on Netflix. If you want we can watch (re-watch) this together and discuss.
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