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Street Fighter - 3rd Strike Online out. In case Yun being the best in AE wasn't enough.

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(Click the image for an AE FAQ!)


So you wanna be a Street Fighter?
Step 1: Fundamentals
The information in the spoiler will help you get started!
Step 2: Getting more serious.
More information than you thought existed, and arcade stick info.
Step 2a: Getting a fight stick.
The Joystick Rant
Step 3: Watching the pros, learning the matches

The PA Fighting Game Community!
The PA SSFIV AE Friends List of Friendly Friends! Add yourself to the form here, view the list here

If you're on the 360, you can add the metafriend: A PA SSF4

We also made a super cool IRC room! #PAFighting at irc.slashnet.org:6667 You can use this web client if you're SUPER UNCOOL. So people know, we are naming ourselves LFG_YourName in irc if you're looking for a lobby, and LFM_YourName if you're looking for more people! Simply use /nick to change your name in chat. You should use a non web client because sometimes the web client breaks while the server is still up for some unknown reason.

Know anything I'm missing? Let me know and I'll add it.

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