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[Phalla] Kamen Rider: All Riders Versus Dai-Phalla [Dai-SHOCKER Victory]

adventfallsadventfalls Why would you wish to know?Registered User regular
edited June 2011 in Critical Failures
Once, there was a man named Kamen Rider! Like you, he had his body changed into a monster by these bastards! But... he used that body of his to fight evildoers! Without reward! Not for himself! For others! And now it's still the same - right now, he's fighting somewhere out there!

... what do you think? Isn't it a great story?

Aren't you the same?

Aren't you going to be those kids' dream?


What the fu-
Kamen Rider is a long running TV franchise in Japan that has never quite caught on stateside.

What does this have to do with me?
Dai-Shocker, an organization composed of the armies of hell and kaijin all over the multiverse, have banded together to threaten the fabric of existence itself.

The only men and women standing between them? The Kamen Riders. They are from different worlds. They have different beliefs. But they all do two things.

They fight for justice. And they kick people so hard they explode.

So this is a phalla?
Yes. Standard rules apply with one addendum.

Failure to vote twice without an adequate excuse will result in your being replaced or killed. That's cumulatively, NOT consecutively.

Oh fuck, AF is running a phalla. What kind of stupid bullshit are you planning THIS time?
I'm going to clarify TWO things right now.
  • The vote cannot be manipulated.
  • No thralls.


Sample Role PM
You are Kamen Rider insert name here!
SHOCKER's plans to destroy all the worlds in existence doesn't sit well by you. In the name of Justice, you must Rider Kick these kaijin in the face!

VICTORY CONDITION: Eliminate the threats to existence! For great Justice!

Vote close is at 10 PM EST.

adventfalls on
NintendoID: AdventFalls 3DS Code: 3454-0237-6080


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