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Let's Get [Digixal]

DE?ADDE?AD Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Singularity Engine++
This is a thread about this show:

The pilot just aired on some strange, backwater Canadian channel, and it seems pretty okay? It's certainly no worse than My Little Pony, and we've had, like, a bajillion threads for that thing.

It stars this guy:
Except he hasn't gotten that spear or hat yet.

He works here:
Which is basically a police station inside the Systemcity. They do cop things, but all computery.

Apparently, he's some sort of rookie, so a lot of the pilot is him being shown the ropes by his commanding officer, Captain VRG 1.

Everything seems to be going perfectly fine, until some bad stuff starts to happen.

Some really bad stuff.

Also, it has a pretty awesome soundtrack by our own Eidolon Orpheus, so that's pretty neat.

They've also released a bunch of character shots, for whatever weird Canadian magazines follow these things. There are at least two factions that haven't even been touched on, and just a whole bunch of people that weren't shown in the pilot.

You've got:

Unfortunately, the pilot got really, really poor ratings, so, who knows, it may never be picked up.

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