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Bastion-Action RPG of the Year

captainkcaptaink TexasRegistered User regular
edited January 2012 in Games and Technology
I just read about this on Entertainment Weekly, of all places. One of their top RPGs to look for, alongside bigger names like Skyrim and Final Fantasy XIII-2.
What is Bastion?
Bastion is an original action role-playing game featuring a reactive narrator who marks your every move, lush hand-painted 2D artwork, and tight responsive gameplay that rewards playing with finesse. The game is designed to be simple to pick up and start playing, while offering a lot of rich choices around character customization as well as a deep story and gameworld you can lose yourself in.
Developer FAQ

It looks absolutely gorgeous. The other big selling point, besides the art, is the reactive narrator. They recorded 3,000 lines of dialog, and the narrator will actively respond to the things you're doing. Sounds like it could be an interesting addition.
What is the story of the game about?
In Bastion, you play as a young man who wakes up to find his world shattered to pieces in a surreal catastrophe called the Calamity. You head for a place called the Bastion, where your people were supposed to go in case anything ever went wrong. But all you find there is an old man… who believes he can fix everything that’s happened, but he needs your help. You then seek out the materials necessary to complete the Bastion and realize its true power.
This story unfolds through the use of real-time narration, so you will be piecing together the mysteries of the gameworld every step of the way, as the narrator conveys the greater meaning behind your every action.

As someone who loves building/fixing towns in games, this pricked my ears up. Hopefully it is robust and not automatic, but I can't tell from this blurb.

Release Date: Coming to XBLA this summer, and PC after that.

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