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Debate and/or Discourse: AWESOME POST in "OBL Really Just Died?", by Styrofoam Sammich

JihadJesusJihadJesus Registered User regular
JihadJesus has reported a post.

At least something good was spawned by this terrible, terrible thread.
Post: OBL Really Just Died?
Forum: Debate and/or Discourse
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Posted by: Styrofoam Sammich
Original Content:
Octoparrot wrote: »
Arch wrote: »
I saw Osama Bin Laden getting a slurpee at a gas station out on I-5 the other day.

Part of me really wants this to be a thing similar to Elvis sightings.

The other part of me realizes it would incur some really heavy racism on the part of the people telling and reporting the story

You'll notice I refrained from saying Osama Bin Laden sold me a slurpee at a gas station on i-5

He jumped into my taxi couple nights ago, he wanted to go to the adult bookstore on 3rd and Cherrybrook.

I saw Osama Bin Laden with a Chinese menu in his hand, walking through the streets of Soho in the rain. He was looking for a place called Lee Ho Fook's. Going to get himself a big dish of beef chow mein.

JihadJesus on
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