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The [mini]Phalla where Alegis got me killed by Darian --GAME OVER

RendRend Registered User regular
edited June 2011 in Critical Failures

It is a day in phalla like any other. Blarnfidel runs the latest in their proto-phallae, players are voting, villages are failing, orders are made and executed. But on this particular order of this particular day, Alegis got Ringo killed by Darian.

How did this seemingly obscure event even occur? What convoluted series of events could have led to this point? Surely this was not another misdirection or even called kill from one player to another. Those things happen rarely if ever, and certainly not to a player with the prestige of Ringo.

No, this was different. This was bigger. This was bigger than anyone knew, this was something nobody ever expected.

This was how Alegis got Ringo killed by Darian.


Hello everybody!

This will be a miniphalla for 20 players. Prepare yourself for the following elements:
(a) Largely traditional gameplay
(2) A sweeping epic of a story.

Seriously. Ringo died for this. This will be nothing if not awesome.

Sign up in something bold

1. Phyphor - Winston Churchill (Undead Wartime Prime Minister of Britain) - VILLAGER - Determined to have Ringo's worst interests at heart
2. 38th Doe - Tony Fadell (Inventor of the Ipod) - VILLAGER - Died to the vote
3. Turkson - Ayman Al Zawahiri (Leader of Al Qaeda) - VILLAGER - Alegis had him killed by Darian
4. Balefuego - Infidel (Writes Code) - BUS DRIVER - Alegis had him killed by darian[/QUOTE]
5. Langly
6. Infidel
7. Zellpher
8. Alegis - James Bond (International Man of Mystery) - VILLAGE VIGILANTE - Killed by Alegis
9. Zandracon - Alegis (Got Ringo Killed By Darian) - MAFIA - Arrested, tried, and executed.
10. Tayrun
11. Spoit
12. Peccavi
13. Kime - Genghis Khan (Warlord of the Mongols) - MAFIA - Alegis got him killed by Darian
14. B:L - Barack Obama (President of the United States) - VILLAGER - Assassinated by Alegis
15. Crimsoncoyote - Link (Hero of Time) - VILLAGER - Assassinated by a secret agent
16. Baidol - Bill Gates (Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft) - VILLAGER - Alegis had him killed by Darian
17. Kuhlmeye
18. Vagrant Winds - Blarney (Makes Spreadsheets) - SEER - Alegis had him killed by Darian
19. Cythraul - Benedict XIV (Holy Cather of the Catholic Church) - VILLAGER - Voted out
20. Lemminghead - [REDACTED] (Leader of the Illuminati) - VILLAGER - Assassinated by a Secret Agent

Rend on


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