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[SOLVED] Games suddenly running in a window surrounded by black

Cannon GooseCannon Goose Registered User regular
I run games at 1280x720 and the computer has always upscaled the image to fit the screen. Today I start up Just Cause 2 and BAM!
Linked for huge
Metro 2033 also runs in this windowed-but-fullscreen mode.

I have an AMD Radeon 6770M and I installed the new 11.6 drivers the other day. But I have played games perfectly fine since then, it was just today that I noticed this problem.

Why is this happening?

Edit: Upon further inspection, games that once ran well no longer run well at all :(

Edit 2: Huh, upon restarting it appears that games run fine again. I am still not able to make some of them scale up to fill the screen though.

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