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I love Bone.

BalefuegoBalefuego Registered User regular
edited June 2011 in Singularity Engine++

It's been 20 fucking years since the first issue of Bone came out, and it was another 13 years until the 55th and final issue was released. But all together they make up one of the most important comics ever made. People talk about Watchmen, about Sandman, whatever, those are cool I guess. But if you ask me what the best example of the medium is? My vote is with fuckin Bone.

But it's not just because Jeff Smith wrote, drew, and published every single issue of this book himself. (Ok, there was a brief window where the book was published by Image, but that was entirely due to the speculator crash in the late 90s). It's because this is one epic motherfucking story that has everything you could possibly ask for.

What the fuck is a Bone?


Those funny looking lil white cartoony dudes? Those are Bones, and specifically these 3 Bones are the heroes of the story. Fone, Phoney, and Smiley. Three cousins who have been run out of Boneville.

What? Fuck you, this is just some cartoon shit?

But it's not! Well not entirely, the Bones are cartoon yes but in a cool little bit of genre reversal they serve as the everyman (everybone?) for the story. Boneville is never seen, but is often described as being roughly analogous to the real world. The place the Bones find themselves however, is very much a fantastical place.

The Valley
spoiled for size

Also, here is a link to a huge badass map

Who lives in The Valley?

People! IT'S PEOPLE!

People like Thorn, who Fone Bone is hopelessly smitten with.

Her super tough Grandma Ben

Gruff old Tavern Owner Lucius

I still dont understand what the fuck this is about

Well any good story has to have some great villains and don't worry we got those too.

Like rat creatures!

and the mysterious Hooded One

But honestly, I love this thing to pieces and I bet if you give it a shot you will too.

It's funny!


It's scary!


It's exciting!


And it can even be touching.

Did I mention the Moby Dick?


Oh and one last thing, but it's a secret

Balefuego on


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