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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "post a story about yourself", by Tasteticle

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Post: post a story about yourself
Forum: Social Entropy++
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Posted by: Tasteticle
Original Content:
my friend recently hooked up with a girl that looked almost exactly like his sister

he was super drunk

started talking to some chick at the bar

came over to me and my best friend and introduced her to us

giving us the "eh? eh?" look

we just looked at eachother and decided to play along

We acted all nice and impressed and then excused ourselves for a second

"Did you notice that-"

"His sister?"

"I KNOW. It is uncanny."

"And he doesn't even know!"

"How do you want to play this?"

"Obviously we act like it is a fantastic idea."

"Of course. Who's phone has the best camera?"

We come back to the table and ask if we can take a picture of them

They pose

We snap one

"Now do something sexy!" my friend says

They touch tongues while I take another picture

We can barely contain ourselves

"You guys should go dance!" I say

They get up and start grinding

More pictures

By the end of the night they are HAMMERED and our friend tells us "I going to go home with her."

"Oh absolutely you should." I say

They both cab off to his place

The next day we meet up for dinner

My best friend is chomping at the bit

"So..." he asks

"Get any action last night?"

"YES!" my other friend screams jubilantly

"You didn't uh....notice anything about her?" I ask

"The way she looked?"

"Man what are you talking about. She was totally hot! I may have had some beer goggles on though."

We ask if she spent the whole night

"Nope." He responds

"She took off a bit afterwards."

We are now grinning ear to ear

"Hey, check this out" I say as I slide him my phone

He grabs it and is just staring at the first picture for what seemed like an eternity

"Wait...When did you take this? Last night?"


"Wait. No. Wait."

"That's her. That is the girl that you stuck your penis into."

"Does she ah, look familiar? Like someone you know?" my best friend asks

My other friend turned stark white

Then dark red

"YOU FUCKS. NO. SHUT UP." he says in that kind of loud whisper voice

After a lot of laughter from our end we had to calm him down a bit to get him to have dinner with us

the kicker to all of this - and I didn't even find out about this until later - is that my best friend sent those pictures to himself and has been winning every argument with the guy by threatening to put the pics up on facebook and tagging the dudes sister in them

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