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Insanely Busy

KendeathwalkerKendeathwalker Registered User regular
edited February 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Been having alot of trouble keeping my schedule straight. Jobhunting, 18 credits, freelancing, etc. Normally I can keep everything straight in my head, I started slipping so I started writing things down in a notebook, but as much as I try to change my habits 9 times out of 10 I dont look at what I wrote down because I usually remember it anyways. Except Ive forgotten about an exam and a bunch of other little shit thats starting to add up. Ive got maybe a 200$ budget for this, more likely 150ish, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a phone or pda possibly that has a voice memo function to-do list type thing that can be assigned an alarm and a calander date/time to go off at a specific time. I was thinking that if it was a phone as well it would be better since it wouldnt have to be something extra im carrying around. Ive playd around with one my freind has but he spent like 400 dollars on it.. also this is kindve specific, to get to his voice memo function you had to scroll threw a bunch of different options. It would be more convient if all you had to do was hold down a button or something.

Anyways.. if anyone can point me in the right direction off the top of their head Id be grateful.

thank you.

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  • Liquid HellzLiquid Hellz Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    I would like to assume that all newer phones (less then a year old) above 100 dollars have a voice memo feature build in as well as an alarm feature. You could set the alarm to go off at a certain time. Then when it goes off you open you phone wondering why the hell it went off for some random alarm and you remember to listen to your voice memo. I know my phone (Samsung A900) has both of these two features as well as a planner and a memo pad. I am not sure if or what phones/PDA style thingys Have the ability to attach a memo to an alarm. Sorry is this doesn't work out.

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  • benz0rsbenz0rs Registered User
    edited February 2007
    a used treo 650 on ebay.
    i got mine for $96 with a free printer.. random but it was free and it was a package deal..

    it might be cheaper now that the treo 750 is out. i think...

    anyways, this thing has my life on it and i have my schedule and everything on it.

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