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[Phalla] of Brass: The Artificial Men [Mini] - Game Over, Witch Victory!

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"Do y’think it’s true what they're saying then?"

Alexander glanced up from the Westspire cobblestones, looking back to his companion. "Pardon?"

"About the fake men they made up in Stanton. Clocks for organs and the dead sea's blessing."

Alexander glanced awkwardly away. William was a nice man, but he had a tendency to buy in to anything he heard. "What sort of dreadfuls you been readin' now, eh?" he asked lightheartedly. His portly companion shrugged.

"What if it's true though? Men with metal brains and iron blood, you can't tell 'em from a real soul, no grace-given morals."

"Well you've got metal in your skull and you aren't trying to kill me now are you?" Alexander chuckled. His companion blustered a little and stuffed his hands deeper into his pockets. As a shadow fell over the two of them Alexander looked up. The great ship H.R.A. Corrigan drifted above them, venting steam from seven stacks, on its way to the harbour. "You spend too much time in faff for the kiddies, Billy, you need to be thinking more about the important things in life." Alexander gestured up at the airship, covering his eyes as the sun caught the brass. "Men like us need to strive to increase our station, bring our families onto a royal ship like that one day. I mean just think of Marceline getting to look out over Westspire like that, like one of the grace's angels."

"I suppose," William admitted. "'s just spooky stuff. Who knows what them doctors are doing with that new Tesla power, y'know? I don’t trust them gearheads."

"Ah, it's not worth thinking about for good men like us," Alexander smiled. He pulled his coat closer around him though. He glanced at a man across the street, imagined him ticking, his face opening up and turning cogs beneath. Terrible business. "Now come on, there's not going to be any damn tea left if we're faffing about worrying about metal men," he said, smiling at his companion again. "Grace knows the scones are likely taken already, you know how ravenous Egbert gets." The mention of food put a drive in William's step, and nodding the two of them carried on.

Across the street the man stared at the Corrigan as it sailed past, then calmly continued walking. Each perfectly measured step was precisely a second apart.

Nation of Brass: The Artificial Men
A phalla dreadful for 25 players.

I say, what's all this then?
This is a mini phalla designed for 25 people. It is a moderately traditional village vs mafia game. It is set in a relatively generic steampunk analogue to London, and concerns a murder mystery that develops on the Corrigan, suitable for all your preferred penny dreadfuls.

And you are…?
I'm I needed a name to post. I advise you shorten that to INANTP for the sake of your fingers. I'll be your host for this game, and the entire purpose of this section right here is to publically make it clear that there is a very real chance that the balance of this game might wind up a bit buggered. I'm relatively new to phalla on this forum and while I’ve attempted to make sure this game will be fairly balanced, there's an equally good chance I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. There won’t be anything crazy like one side getting to launch rockets at all the others and kill everyone on day 4, but in my inexperience I've probably given one side a bit more power than they should have. If you're going to get wound up at that possibility you probably shouldn’t sign up.

That was a lot of words for ‘this might suck’.
Yeah I’m both shy and nervous so :V

Any mechanics we should know about?
There are no conversions, I’ll say that outright. There’s nothing crazy like a vig immune thrall. A number of players have secondary goals – these are things you can accomplish throughout the game which will grant you small bonuses – either a weak one-use power or a bit of information. There is no generic villager, either. Everyone is playing a particular character, even if that character doesn’t have any abilities. You may give out the roleplay fluff if you wish, but some characters may have goals revolving around other characters, so you have been warned.

And the rules?
All the standard phalla rules apply – no anonymous contact, no talking once you're dead, one ghost post but no in-game knowledge, PM proboards to the host and play nice. Pretty standard stuff that I hope everyone is used to by now.

Vote close is at 9 PM Pacific time. All actions must be PMed to the host by then. If you have an orders thread in the proboards and you don’t PM me actions I will take the most recent update in that thread as your actions for the day.

Activity requirements are one vote post and one non-vote post. Failure to do so on two individual days will result in your polite removal from the game. You will receive a warning after one inactivity day. If there are any reserves the position will then be filled.

Post signup in lime, ask clarifications in orange, and vote in red.

I hope you guys enjoy and I hope I’m not too terrible. :)

Player List
1. JaysonFour - Lyndon Pollock (Victory Impossible)
2. Lucedes - Kenneth Brillaugh (Day 7)
3. The Anonymous - Gorges von Kamanov (Day 4)
4. SLyM - Horace Frink (Day 1)
5. stever777 - The Wall (Day 5)
6. REG Rysk - The Distraction (Day 5)
7. moleface - Father Vincent Brisby (Day 6)
8. simonwolf - ??? (Day 2)
9. facetious - Barnes Noble (Day 3)
10. Langly - Annika von Kamanov (Victory!)
11. Peccavi - Alfred Silas (Day 6)
12. CaptainPlanet82 - Helena Tanner (Day 2)
13. Cythraul - Pierre Macdonald (Day 5)
14. Ringo - ??? (Day 3)
15. Jason Todd - Gaspar Colt (Day 4)
16. Farangu - Quince Johnson (Day 4)
17. Alegis - Charles Blackstone (Day 5)
18. Dunadan019 - Sigmund Lalonde (Day 1)
19. garroad_ran - The Choker (Day 3)
20. kuhlmeye - ??? (Day 2)
21. Virgil_Leads_You - Timothy Dellinger (Day 1)
22. Infidel - Montgomery Jameson (Day 4)
23. LemmingHead - Replaced with schuss
24. SeGaTai - Jacques Tanner (Day 7)
25. Rend - The Wall (Day 6)

1. Kime
2. schuss - ??? (Day 4)
3. jackisreal
4. Tmoiy

In the event of a tied vote the first to reach the tie number will be dealt with.

Order of actions is as follows:

Guards & Guard-like abilities
Kills & Kill-like abilities
Seers & Seer-like abilities
Vote Kill
Secondary Objective Completion Check

Second place will be killed if it is impossible to vote-kill the first place winner, and so forth. Vote accordingly. If there is no second place no vote kill will occur that day.

Hour 1
Hour 2
Hour 3
Hour 4
Hour 5
Hour 6
Hour 7
Cast of characters

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