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Transhumanist Conundrums - Updated weekly or whenever I feel like it

ShanadeusShanadeus Registered User
edited July 2011 in Singularity Engine++

In this thread I shall pose thought provoking questions on various topics that are linked to the transhumanist ideology.

Today's (8/6) question:

Would you resurrect a loved one through one of the following hypothetical technologies?

(A) Personality Reconstruction

He or She will be created by an artificial intelligence based on the following:
  • Your and others memories of them (will be directly scanned by the A.I and analysed by it, removing any incongruities and taking personal inclinations/thoughts towards the ressurectée into account)
  • Their genetic information (if available)
  • Whatever other information available on them (personal information such as diaries, memoirs, etc and non-personal information such as medical reports and so on)

Example method:

Cloning them, raising them in simulated conditions (in a virtual environment) and then directly adjusting their personality to make the ressurectée as indistinguishable as possible from the original person.

(B) High-precision simulation

Basically, the A.I will be intelligent enough to derive the past state of the universe based on its knowledge of the present. But it's not a flawless simulation and it will never be entirely accurate.

It will rewind a simulation of the current existing universe (created to its best knowledge) to the moment right before the ressurectée "died" and basically import this person into a present virtual reality and let it run from that point but without dying (any lacking information can be supplemented by doing (A))

Can be embodied in an organic or robotic body in non-virtual reality on their request.

(C) Temporal Information Uploading

Similar to the above, but with time travel technology that mean that the "imported" person is identical to the person you want to resurrect.

Keep in mind: No temporal transportation of the person occurs here.

The A.I will simply peer back in time using a wormhole or something and be able to scan the brain of the dying person on a sub-atomic scale and create a digital upload that continues to live in the present just as the person dies in the past.

Can be embodied in an organic or robotic body in non-virtual reality on their request.

Which of the above options would be satisfactory?
Please judge them on an individual basis if possible.

Shanadeus on


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