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Oogle Your Gs

MrMonroeMrMonroe Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Singularity Engine++

so this is a thing

so far as I can tell after using it for a day is that it's a cleaner, ad-free, visually intuitive version of facebook only they added some totally sweet features that facebook has been neglecting to develop in favor of changing their layout in some way everyone hates every three months. Notably:
  • Circles:
    * Everyone you're connected with over G+ can be categorized into one of your user-defined "Circles," so I've got one for people from law school, a general "friends" one, one for family, one for my clinic work, one for SE, etc. You can set pretty much any of your saved information from your profile picture down to your status updates to be shared with any range of people from "the entire internet" to only a single Circle. Just remember what happened to Anthony Weiner and be sure if you're gonna post dong pics to only check the "SE++" circle and not the one that has Andrew Breitbart in it. You can also use them to define invitees to group chats, which brings me to
  • Voice and Video Chat
    * I should not have to explain this one
  • Hangouts
    * Multi-user voice and video chat. Bitchin'! Apparently you can sync youtube videos over it so everyone is viewing the same thing simultaneously? I haven't tried it and it seems like a kind of limited application. I guess we could all stream the same youtube softcore and jerk off for each other on camera? It seems like there's probably a lot of potential here for presentation sharing that you could use to do video conferencing in a business environment if they decide to go that route, and I really hope they do, because they also included"
  • Native Connectivity with other Google Apps
    * You got a Calendar, bitch, use it. Most of the people here might not care about this, but all of a sudden it is not necessary to buy a hundred fucking licenses for the entire suite of Microsoft Office for your company, you can just tell everyone to get a gmail account and use Docs and Calendar instead of Word and Outlook. Those platforms still aren't quite as robust as enterprise-class platforms like Outlook yet, but I look at Google and I look at Microsoft and it's pretty damn clear to me which one is the more reliable innovator.
  • The mobile app for it is fucking slick, let me tell you what.
  • Your parents aren't on it yet.
    * I do not think I can understand the importance of this point.

so here's the deal: they are still in "beta" mode right now, so it's an invite-only system for the time being, but you get unlimited invites, (so far as I can tell) so as they are in beta, let's do them a favor and stress test this bitch!

post yo e-mails, dudes, and people who are cool enough to have an account already can send an invite to you!

MrMonroe on


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