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RamiusRamius Joined: July 19, 2000Administrator, ClubPA admin
In preparation for the new forums, a small handful of usernames needed to be changed. Some of you knew in advance this was coming, but didn't know when - Sorry for not giving you more notice. Some of you were at the cutoff but I didn't realize it earlier, so this may be a surprise to you - my apologies.

If you got a name you don't like, send me a PM and I will get it changed again. Due to the fragile nature of the forum, I have to make the change during a downtime, so if you do need it changed, it won't be able to happen right away. If you can wait until we are up on the new forums to get the name change you want, that will be even better.

Here's the list of names and what they were just changed to. I'll send a notice to your email as well.

Stupid Mister Whoopsie Name -> Stupid Mr Whoopsie Name
Institutionalised Pederasty -> Institutional Pederasty
Computer Generated Faggotry -> CG Faggotry
Romanian My Escutcheon, Doxy -> Romanian My Escutcheon
Captain Reading Comprehension -> Captain Reading
Eat It. Eat it, You Nasty Pig. -> Eat it, You Nasty Pig.
eeccccoo tthhee ddoollpphhiinn -> ecco the dolphin
The Plain Girl From The Low-Quality American Remake Of The Office -> <3
"Mangoes", or any variation thereof -> Mangoes
Marcus and His Band Of Mysterious Disco Ravens -> 2 Marcus 2 Ravens
Captain Cactus And The Water Preservation Squad -> The Deliverator
Fluffy, Our Beloved Flopsy Bunny Friend -> Wash
Timothy Leary Come Check Out This Theory -> TL,DR

Non-Recent Activity
Fred Savage's Power Glove -> Fred Savage Power Glove
Tankersten's Coin Laundry -> Tankersten Coin Laundry

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