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[Phalla] of Loxley- Game Over! Village Victory!

lonelyahavalonelyahava One day, I will be able to say to myself"I am beautiful and I am perfect just the way I am"Registered User regular
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Many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea,
the lords swept o’er the ocean and bore many men to here.
And there was blood and there was battle and there was death upon the shores,
and when it all came to an end, the Saxon rule it was no more.

The Normans from the continent came and washed the land with blood,
and when the tide o war did pass and the land laid firmly beneath their feet,
they made to make an impression there upon those still cowed and meek.
The war and voyage had been costly and the the victors true,
should not have to pay the price for those they so rightly slew.

And so the Saxon did bend and break and tend the fields of Lord and King and long the years still ran.
Till the King it was decided was a just and noble man and many were pleased and happy to serve him and his plan.
But that king did leave the country, on God’s great quest to the East
to free the land of the Lord from the horrid Moorish beast.
And so the land did fall again, under the cruelest thumb of all.
The jealous younger brother, no ambition to himself,
but to ruin his sibling, and gain a lot of wealth.

And so the yolk of slavery did settle more harshly upon the land.
More was worked than could be paid, more stolen than could be owned.
The Norman Lords did remake their claim, that the conqueror owned the land
and those that worked its profit mattered even less than sand.

But as has happened in the past, and in many times again,
a tale was told, a rumor begun, a legend born anew.
Of a man and his friends, brave and noble and true,
who fought against the Normans, and kept the Saxon man alive.
At the sake of the overlords, and the profit of the poor,
the hero rose to great justice and ended up starting a small war.

How will the story play itself out, the legend does not say.
Will the Normans conquer all, or will the Saxons win the day?
To right the wrongs is a noble task,
but might has conquered truth so often in the past.
To tell the tale to your children, as it was told to you,
the story must first be written, the ending must first come true.


Robin of Loxley. Robin Longstride. Robin Hood. Kevin Costner. The hero is known by many names, and the story has been told in many ways over many years in many different venues. And even different languages. Including American.

The names of the hero may have changed, the setting adapted slightly, but one thing has always remained. Populism. The downtrodden little man rising up against the great behemoth of the tyrannical overlord. Fighting against taxes and abolished rights and the attempts to declare themselves freemen (and women) out from under the yoke of hardship and hard work.

We transport you now back to that time when tyranny ran amuck (amuck amuck) and only one man his band of merry men (and an occasional wench) fought back and not only won a great (not really) victory (they still had to pay taxes) but also didn’t die by the hangman. So, in little bits and pieces freedom is awarded to those who fight for it.

Or so they like you to believe. You have to avoid the hangman first. And the Normans. And straving due to being poor. But, one thing at a time. Oust the cronies of the Rotten Prince John, and ensure that the throne is available and safe for King Richard upon his return from the Crusades.



This is a Phalla. If you are unfamiliar with this game, please go here.

Every night, vote in !Red for somebody you suspect of being a Crony to Prince John

All standard and accepted rules apply.

-No screen caps or direct quotes to prove anything.
-Dead must stay Dead.
-One Ghost Post
- etc etc.
Clarifications can be asked for in Orange, though I make no promises whether or not I will answer them the way you want me to.

Vote Close will be 2:59am Eastern/11:59 PST/6:59pm New Zealand/6:59pm GMT No votes or orders submitted after such time will be accepted.

This game is designed for 40 players.

This is a standard Phalla. Or, as some might call it, Vanilla. If you have a problem with that, if this is not complicated or brain breaking enough for you, then Don’t Sign Up. Give somebody else a chance. I do NOT want to hear complaints about dullness and boredom due to lack of ‘abilities’ This is your warning. That being said, it is not as Vanilla as it could be, there may be one or two new roles that people have not seen before. But there should be nothing ‘controversial’.

For anybody who hasn't played a game under me before, I tend to give and use nicknames to players who's names are too long for my laziness.

Sign up in !Lime with the Name of your Saxon Character that you will be playing

I am highly, highly encouraging Roleplaying in this game. There won’t be any special rewards for doing so, but you never know what can happen for good roleplay. This is a game on a forum about games and you are all presumably geeks and nerds of some sort. Have Fun. I won’t require a roleplay post from each player, but it is strongly encouraged.

Oh, side note. While encouraging people to post in character, please remember that any form of 'code' (ie anything the mods can't read and translate themselves easily) will get us into trouble. An occasional Old English word/spelling should be ok, but don't post an entire post as if you're Chaucer. You don't want to get me shut down, do you?

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