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So You Think You Can Make a Thread About Dance (ACTUALLY ABOUT DANCING)

SheriSheri Resident FlufferMy Living RoomRegistered User regular
edited July 2011 in Singularity Engine++
So @lostwords and I were shocked to find that there is no thread for the greatest reality competition show around


That's right. A show about dancing. Cuz it is AWESOME.

Here's the cast!

Emmy-nominated host Cat Deeley
Cat is about 500 feet tall and skinny, so they put her in some really ridiculous outfits, but most of them are very, very short. So that's a plus, right? Also she's British, because all American reality TV shows need a British host apparently.

Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe
Nigel is also British. He is also a retired tap dancer, and creator of the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which sponsors young dancers and the ever-fun National Dance Day.

Ballroom expert Mary Murphy
She screams a lot.

And lots of awesome guest judges.
By the way, they're having some wacky lady on as a judge at some point, I think you may have heard of her

There are also some absolutely amazing choreographers, not that any of you know who they are if you don't watch the show.
Emmy-winner Mia Michaels (Contemporary)

Napoleon and Tabitha, also known as Nappytabs (Hip-Hop)

Tyce Diorio (Broadway)

Travis Wall (Contemporary)
Travis is awesome, by the way, because he started off as a contestant on this show a few seasons ago. Now he's nominated for an Emmy. RAD.

And a shitton of others!

Here's the cast of Season 8! Nevermind I can't find a cast photo of season 8

Here are some of the contestants!

This is Melanie. She is my favorite. She is gonna win.

This is Marko. He is also pretty cool.

Here's Tadd, who is the best waltzing b-boy I've ever seen.

And here's ummm let's go with Caitlynn cuz she's super cute.

Here are some of the best routines from SEASON 8. I assume people will link previous best routines, but these are the ones from this season that are super-rad.

By Travis Wall

By Stacy Tookey

By Nappytabs

(will be updated as the weeks go on)

ALSO these are guest performers from a few weeks ago, but this is the most incredible thing I've ever seen EVER. Watch it.

BUT we cannot make a SYTYCD thread without including the best routine possibly ever

A ballet dancer doing hip-hop. <3 <3

By Nappytabs




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