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Hard drive failure - not recognized in BIOS anymore

MrDelishMrDelish Registered User regular
I have a hard drive that failed just a couple hours ago. My computer shut down after I tried closing a video and when it rebooted it said there was no boot drive. I had another drive that I plugged in and was able to install Windows again. I tried various SATA ports and power cables and the drive still won't work. I even have an enclosure that, when connected, Windows detects as probably a drive but no partition/size data. I've already tried PC Inspector and it didn't find anything. I also tried Western Digital's diagnosis program that sees the drive but says there's no readable data. Windows' Devices & Printers panel shows the enclosure but no working drive. As mentioned in the thread title, BIOS doesn't see it, either.

I wouldn't be too frustrated at this, but I've been editing a video for quite some time and didn't make any backups whatsoever and would like to not have to edit it all over again. Anyone have any suggestions?


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