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It came from Anonymous Confessions!

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Fuck if I'm keeping these in my formspring until next time. Good job filling a thread in less than a day, homps.

I'm in my mid-20s and I've never been in anything resembling a relationship, I can't help but feel I should give up on the idea of love, as I can't imagine any woman that would (or should have to) put up with whatever fumbling advances I could muster
did this work, I dunno
I'm 22 and I've never been in a relationship, let alone kissed a girl. I feel so behind my peers in many steps of life.
While studying for imminent college final exams I decided to relax with a quick wank. I found this hilarious hentai and burnt through six volumes of it. They were too funny/endearing to fap to and I wasted like two hours. This is also how I read MSPA.
Your new avatar keeps making me confuse you for Langly
I'm not the one that confessed to liking Anti in the last thread, but I won't bring it up again, because I know she would never feel the same way about me that I feel about her.
I was into Pokemon in early high school and a girl who was my Secret Santa that year got me a Digimon pencilcase. I didn't thank her because I wanted to have nothing to do with Digimon.
I think I'm developing a crush on Sassori. It's my first forumer crush and it is really weirding me out.
i'm afraid to admit that i don't really want to free wimble
people are mean to factory squirrel because he shows bad judgement in posting
Not sure if I'm using this thing correctly, but Re: Anonymous confessions If I had known what I was coming back to, I would've tried harder to get killed in Iraq.
Melding is a fantastic friend. We don't talk as often as we used to but he should know that I adore him.
One time me and some friends were sitting around thinking of times we'd found after-the-fact that someone was really into us. I didn't have anything. I can't recall a single instance of anyone being romantically interested in me.
Every time I see a pic of a female forumer, I jerk to it, on principle. Cass, Anti, and Viv are my favorites.
Hey, Orik. Am I doing this anonymous question thing right?
I'm drinking rice milk right now. Delicious.
My last confession was ignored. How dare you, SE++
I fell in love with a satanist
Isoldae once recognized something I said in a thread as funny and it made my day
i wish there were more lesbians on the forum I could flirt with, even jokingly
i started writing a real serious confession but then i felt weird about being open even anonymously, which is so dumb. my new confession is i care way too much what people think.
I suffer a condition called Baby Wiener. I've got a baby's wiener. It's terminal.
It's my birthday today!!!
every time someone tells me about how the government is broken i don't know if i should trust them. i'm too naive to tell if people are being loonies or are just sane and smart.
crwth is my favorite poster!
I told Tito I'd never sleep with him because he's not white, but I probably would. Only if he let me call him Bobby, though.
crwth I think you're cool but I don't feel cool enough to talk to you
I am now crying because of this thread
I used to have the biggest head-over-heels crush on a certain forumer who no longer posts and even fantasized about us being together, but I am pretty sure they don't know I exist.
So yesterday I was sitting in an empty park eating lunch and apparently my white and red g-string was showing because some guy came up behind me and snapped it but when I turned around to see who it was nobody was there. Weird
I'm in a relationship that I'm afraid will end up being really unhealthy for me mentally, but I feel it's the best I can get.
I've never been in a romantic relationship and am worried that I never will. I blame this on the fact that I've yet to go through "puberty" thanks to wonky hormonal issues. This problem and the insecurities it's brewed up in me are awful as all hell :(
i absolutely love apple juice.
I am trans. I make almost no money and I am in my mid 20s already and god I can feel the testosterone eating away at my body. If I could just afford my transition, I'd be happy with being poor. I don't know what to do. I honestly want to just die.
I took a cell phone picture of my dick the other day because I felt like I should have one around, just in case. You never know.
I hate my country and I want to get away from here.
I'm not gay, but I would have sex with a trans ladyboy if she was attractive enough

ain't a straight or gay thing really
I was completely broke so I stole $20 from work. The person I stole it from wound up being even, which means they were $20 over and would have gotten in trouble for THAT, but I still felt like shit.
I've never felt sexually attractive because of how much I hate my body.

Now to catch up on forty goddamn pages.

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