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The Rules

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Mission Statement

K, this here is the on-topic forum for in-depth discussion of...stuff. Basically anything the other forums aren't already covering, plus anything they don't want to cover. We're pretty relaxed as far as tone goes, but we're a bit tougher on you backing up what you say with some solid reasoning.

The list of Do's and Don'ts below should cover most everything you need to know. We use a jail/ban system for minor and major infractions respectively, and reserve the right to decide the length of time for which they are applied.



Read this thread.
Really. And apply it. We can tell when you haven't, and it gives us the Rage.
Corollary: If you're new, lurk for a bit. Get to know the place before diving right in.

Express your opinion!
This is an opinion-based forum, after all. Don't hide your thoughts, we want to know them. This goes double for thread-starters - threads which consist of link+'discuss' will be mocked'n'locked, no matter how timely or interesting they may be. You can try again, or someone else will.

Stick to the topic
As best you can. Don't be scared to start a new thread on a tangential issue if you want to talk about it, rather than waiting for the mods to split it off.

Act like a grown-up.
Its never too early. There are actual people at the other end of these conversations, so treating other forumers like chew-toys or spamming one-line inanities all over the place will earn you a kicking.

Pay attention to grammar and spelling
We're not total nazis, but don't expect us to accomodate your wacky ideas on how the English language works. This isn't collegiate cheerleading, damnit, there are rules. Stupid crap like colouring all your posts pink is out, too. And dear god, no leetspeak without a heavy dose of irony; or with a heavy dose of irony.

Read the dang topic!
This can't be emphasised enough. In fact let me say it again. Ahem... read the dang topic! You're not that special; if the thread is over 5 pages long or so, someone's probably already said want you want to. Check where the thread is at before you post, or things just go in circles, and the forumers get dizzy and fall over.

Know the rules
before berating others about them. Particuarly the ad-hom one, Imeanjeebuspeople,itsnotthatcomplicated. Attempting to stifle discussion or play Mod by waving the rules around is pretty goddamn annoying, so just don't.

Sig heights:
Max 500px wide by 80 high. That's the whole thing, mind. Keeps things nice and readable.

Use 'em, especially for popular/cult/current works of fiction in all relevant media (No, we don't care if 'everyone should have seen it by now, its, like, totally old'. Shut up).



Most of these fall under the 'act like an adult' principle. It would be good if you'd keep it in mind when pondering any actions that aren't explicitly covered here.

The Glorious Edict
All insults other than 'silly goose' are punishable by punishment most severe. Admins and mods are exempted, so we may be allowed to practice the modly art of self-restraint.

Don't post porn, nudity, fetish images or disturbing medical photos.
Don't PM them, either. Same goes for explicit youtube vids and similar stuff, as well as ytmnds. This is a forum for 13+'s, and a lot of people browse from work or school (and no, we don't care if you think they 'should' do that or not. Shut up).
NB: Some images may be borderline, or necessary in the context of the thread. You may link these using the "url" rather than the "img" tags, and tag the link with NSFW or similar. So long as you provide fair warning, its ok. If you're unsure about an image, pm a mod and ask.

Don't troll.
This has a working definition of "attempting to be as annoying as possible while still technically obeying the rules," and it's not the way to go about getting attention. Attempting to derail threads, posting off-topic bullshit, or flame-baiting are all verboten. There also tends to be a thin line between being abusive and immature and simply being argumentative. Crossing it persistently will lead to a ban.

Don't talk about the finer details of using ROMs, Warez, or similar subjects of a piratical nature.
Yarrrr, this be non-negotiable; 'tis a request from the forum owners, in whose house ye be guests. So deal. However, this is not a ban on talking about the ethics of such things.

No Raiding.
This includes other subforums here, forums elsewhere, livejournals, blogs, vent/skype channels and similar personal spaces. You will not use this space as a base from which to harass people, even if you think they really really deserve it (no, seriously, shut up).

Don't assassinate threads.
You don't like a particular topic? Don't post in it. You don't get to dictate the topics of coversation here, that's the mod's job. If you simply must whine, use the chat thread.

Don't act like your opinions are sacred.
No matter what they are. We're not in the business of protecting you from being challenged.

None of the following threads:
  • "Hi, I'm New!!!" - Man, we don't care.
  • "Look at my site! Buy my stuff!" - Uhhh, no. Go away, sitewhore. Its totally fine to put a link in your sig if you want to show off your work, or hock some gear, though.
  • Redundant threads - One is enough. Look before you start something new.
  • Threads in which you bitch about the rules, the mods, the thread that just got locked, or your 'worst forum enemy'. PM us if you have a problem. Mind you, if you have a 'worst forum enemy', seek mental help instead.
    Corollary: Don't pull this crap in established threads either. Mod decisions are to be discussed in private.

Finally, "forumer X did it first!" is not an excuse to indulge in the same idiocy. You're not lemmings, and just because a mod may not be around to jump on poor behaviour immediately doesn't mean its ok for you to 'indulge'. And don't think that being a reg makes you immune to anything in this thread.


A Note on Mod Discretion

The above rules are meant to prevent most of the obvious problems that pop up in forums like these, and we think they do a pretty good job. However, mods do more than just enforce these rules. They set the tone of a forum, and in doing so may take actions that aren't expressly recorded here. So if the mods do (or don't do) something you personally dislike, don't start screaming your head off. You're more than welcome to take the issue up with any or all of us in private, but just remember that this isn't a democracy, and you won't always get your way. We act in the best interests of the forum as a whole, and sometimes that means treading on toes.


Who are the mods?

The mods at this time are ElJeffe, Elkamil, Irond Will, and Jacobkosh. Others may drop in when we're not around; feel free to send up the Batsignal for them if there's an emergency. Generally, we're easily contactable by PM or IM.

Have at it!

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    A reminder:

    Maximum inline image size is 500kb. I understand that sometimes a gif is really hilarious, but please be considerate of the needs of your fellow forumers who are browsing from mobiles or shitty connections and link it.

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