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Support Enforcers and Child's Play with a T-Shirt!

patrickcentralpatrickcentral Registered User regular
edited September 2012 in PAX Archive

I have been a huge fan of things like Cookie Brigade and Desert Bus for Hope for years, so this year I tried to come up with something I could do to contribute to the CP effort using my skillset, which definitely does not include baking. I also wanted to show my support for the Enforcers, who are, empirically speaking, pure awesome.

There's the gist of what I came up with here, which details donation matching and so on, and has me getting all weepy about the Enforcers:

tl:dr: Buy a shirt! The $2 markup goes to CP! Wear it to PAX! Everybody's happy! Exclamation!

Sales close August 17th, and these designs will be gone forever! FOREVER!


Direct link to the shirt shop:

Men's shirts:

Ladies' shirts:

We've already got myself and 1 other person pledged at a $100 matching donation. So, if 50 shirts sold, and that's $200 more dollars in the basket for Child's Play.

Final donation tally:
43 shirts sold x $2 = $86
Matched donations x 2 = $172

Final Total - $258

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