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Twitter, through the tulips : PAX Prime Tweeting

chaosisorderchaosisorder Cupcake Princess and Pinny WhoreOregonRegistered User regular
edited August 2011 in PAX Archive
*brushes off PeasantDave's Twitter thread*

It's time to get the Twitter lists going. Twitter is a handy tool for keeping up with PAX lines, announcements, friends and giveaways. Although connections are often spotty in the convention center, Twitter is a pretty easy media to access, and you can even have feeds sent as texts to your cell phone to avoid data charges.

I'll be keeping this thread updated (I'll try- but PAX is upon us...feel free to post and others can add you that way), so if you have suggestions on what needs to be here, or would like your handle to be added, post away!

PAX Official Twitters and Important Department Feeds for During the Show(list)
@pax_lines For updates on lines during the show, especially for line openings and caps
@pax_cfp Console Freeplay

Important People to PAX/PA (list)

Community Twitters
@PaxPokemon ... PAX Pokemon League
@PAX_MMT ... Magical Mystery Tour
@cookie_brigade ... Cookie Brigade
@RavenclawDA ... Triwizard Pub Crawl, Ravenclaw, DA
@SlytherinTWDT ... Triwizard Pub Crawl, Slytherin
@RavenclawDE ... Triwizard Pub Crawl, Ravenclaw, DE
@HufflepuffDE ... Triwizard Pub Crawl, Hufflepuff, DE
@PAXTrain ... PAX Train
@paxcommunitydvd ... PAX Community DVD
@MAGFest Jamspace Room Updates

Hashtags To Know
Hashtags serve as a method of connecting conversations on twitter between people that may not be following each other. This is a great way to follow along with certain events that are ongoing during PAX.
Let me know what hashtags should be here.
#PAX Official hashtag during the show
#PAXPokemon PAX Pokemon League
#PAXTT Tabletop
#paxprime PAX Prime
#PAXiscoming Pre PAX chatter
#TWDT11 Pre crawl chatter, keep an eye out for house specific account to follow
#LonelyPAX PAX hashtag for those solo
#buttoneer PAX Buttoneers
#PPD Pre PAX Dinner
#PAXPix PAX Prime Photos
#cookiebrigade Cookie Brigade

PAX Musical Guest/Concert Twitters
Both for official guests, community concerts, and related concerts
@theVGO Video game Orchestra
@minijefes The Minibosses
@jonathancoulton JoCo
@stenobot Supercommuter
@Protomen The Protomen
@JonnyNero Jonny Nero Action Hero

Confirmed Developers, Games, Swag and Contest Feeds and Hashtags
Let me know what hashtags should be here.

Other Twitters (list)
Post your twitter handle and I'll add it to the list! (Updated daily)
Chaosisorder @chaosisorder
Lemongrenades @bigGUNSfowler
Maetrix @maetrix
blAAAm_66 @blAAAm_66
Punzie @sewingpunzie
zerzhul @zerzhul
CaptainTapole @CaptainTapole
Willeth @Willeth
BigRed @reasonablylucid
Etaoin @Etaoin
EvilBadman @EvilBadman
Alatheia @tehtheia
MarySue @MarySueTwiteth
eMDee @moogledee
TimeCruiserMike @TimeCruiserMike
Coldbrew @Coldbrew71
Arikado @ArikadoPA
SmallLady @smalllady0
Skylatron @skylatron
Got Haggis? @gothaggis
beta_angel @beta_angel
Solelron @solelron
Mystral721 @luneowl
basicallygeek @basicallygeek
jmckelden @jmckelden
Nerdgasm @NerdForm
DylaNWG @DylanSabin
Steel Fire@DarkmatterForge
Wingedillidan @Wingedillidan
savagehart @ssavagehart
Pinebark @mattkopas
MJPM @ jrroop
Danrax @dantack
Swae @Swae816
Yuritau @Yuritau
Atratyys @Atratyys
stardancin @stardancin
Arkanoid @rmalena
Wasdstomp @Wasdstomp
Juju @jujukoo
Rogue_hunter @Rogue_hunter
Crispy262 @Crispy262
atomicn3rd @atomicn3rd
akjak @akjak
hexx462 @toddgrichards
GamingGoddess @1337Babe
FenrisKnight @lesterleesm
Automaticjim @Automaticjim
ghostdini85 @ghostdini85
Jenny_Spaghetti @Jenny_Spaghetti
Menolly07 @Menolly07
Menolly07 Pixel pins/cookies @Pixels_At_PAX
Stratosfire @mrwhatis
Kyanilis @Kyanilis
Smallz74 @smallville74
Andreth @AndrethSaelind
Birdimus @birdimus4pax
reyesd @reyesd
Teletheus @Teletheus
saxicide @saxicide
jexball @jexball
Metaversenomad @metanomad
ndoto @ndoto
Madnessofcrowds @wreckratz
TOGSolid @TOGSolid
cloudwalker @cloud_walker
tsrblke @tsrblke
ainilome @ainilome
Randomfool @loofmodnar
Bob Jackass @klindas
monkeyhole @monkeyhole
oO Wallace Oo@oO_Wallace_Oo
JaroJJ @LG_Jenjidai JorJJ's SW:TOR
JaroJJ @SFX_Jaro
elgaladwen @elgaladwen
SvK @CliffNordman
seckzee @infoJessica
koleypunch @koleypunch
strtrkn @strtrkn
Traitorious @Traitorious
Zahriel @SuperSyriel
Sageheart @Sageheart
porschiey @porschiey
blkriku @blkriku
burnttoast45 @toast4321
thetelevisi0n @thetelevisi0n
Mideus Rav @TwitteringRav
RoadBlock @Road_Block
disposablecomp @GeekyRyan
Genia @Geniasaurus
TheInt3rsect @Max_Lee_
Cultural Geek Girl @CulturalGeek
Emod @Emod_is_not_Emo
PeasantDave @DaveSchrader
ky13 @ky13
Cerrato0426 @Cerrato0426
createacat1 @createacat1
atray @atray
markdago @markdago
expall @expall
itchbay @itchbay
courtneyj @c_johnston
stupid @therealstupid
AlphaTwo @HaroldLi
Decius @JasonLandals
shugarae @shugarae
mcdanger @mcdanger
janesong @janesong
Melcene @Melcene
jukkakhan @jukkakhan
Aylaviere @Aylaviere
Hemisphere @Hemiart
emuspawn @emuspawn
lemonyvengeance @lemonyvengeance
The Blacksmith @jelaniharris
iamconfidence @metasocratic

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