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SE++ Fight Streeter: Fraud Edition International Chompianship of SE++

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Bracket for SE++ Fight Streeter: Fraud Edition Chompianship of SE++


Do you like creepy Japanese characters fighting each other to the death? Yes? Boy do I have a thread for you!

Right, so a bunch of us play these fighting game things on the internet with each other. Some have been at it for years and rock the shit at everything but some of us haven't and are still learning. That means there's room for pretty much anyone that's interested to join us!

What do we play?

This right now is the big game:

Quite a few people play this game as well:

Then there's this bloody dumb game for slow children

Some people don't get their creepy anime fix from Cammy's ass so they play this:

There's a few other games on the horizon including Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a new King of Fighters, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Street Fighter X Tekken all of which will surely be talked about heavily in this thread over the next few weeks.


Mike Ross and Gootecks Goofy
Frame Advantage: Bitchin' match archive This shit is apparently boss hog, and is the home of Team sp00ky.
SRK: arguably the best place for news on the FGC


Team sp00ky: The hardest working man in the business and the man streaming Evolution 2011's site
Level-Up streams all season openings/finales for Wednesday Night Fights, slated to return June 29th
0ffcast streams every other WNF as well as some stuff at UCI pretty often.
Teevox (formerly Warp Prism) is boss as fuck for most of your streaming needs.


Xbox Live:
Sneak - PA The Sneak
Balefuego - Balefuego
Bizazedo - Bizazedo
Blankzilla - blankspace2471
Butters - Jon Butters
Annie/SaraLynn - damehasclass
HellaJeff - Efrenchlove
Folken Fanel - flashg03
Sars_Boy - sarsboy
Knob - Knobbonk
CorporateLogo - Corplogo
eryu90 - wangshire
Munkus Beaver - MunkusBeaver
No Great Name - OGSirToons
Radius - Kryzak Sul
Huntera - Verflutche
Vargas Prime - Vargas Prime
Bedigunz - Bedigunz
Angry - Angry von Doom
Phasen - Fhasen
Baroque And Roll - BaroqueSampson
SabreMau - SabreMau
Meiz - MeizMisguided
Vann Diras - Vann Diras
RabidDeathMoose - RabidDeathMoose
Ninjabear - DinoTeen
I Win Swordfights - Mister Spaceman
Evil Multifarious - Travysty
Kevin Crist - I Eat Brainmeat
Inquisitor - Sunabozu
Airking850 - Airking850
Nekx - chasr4president
JustinSane07 - JustinSane07
BobCustomGamer - Bobcustomgamer
doublehawk00 - doublehawk00
That Dave Fella - ThatDaveFella
Octopus Melody - dr radicalrobot
Walt - Top Hat Panda

PS Triple:
Nogs - NogsMPLS
Butters: idontworkhere582
Folken Fanel - folken_pa
Kuribo's Shoe - kuribosshoe
Knob - KnobbonK
BahamutZERO - BahamZERO
QMM and DrIan - QuestionMarkMan
Houk - Fenikuman
SabreMau - Tresjin
Reynolds - RadSuit
Sillender - Sillender
TheStig - Stiggy_PA
Uriel - Jarofmoldymayo
Walt - Genei Djinn

Supposedly Glorious PC Arcade Edition:
Nogs: SteamID - Nogs, GFWL - Ax52
TheStig: SteamID - TheStig, GFWL - RacerStig
BobCustomGamer: Uber BOB
Rolo: SteamID - japong
Walt: SteamID - Top Hat Panda
Owlbat: Steam ID - pritong adobo, GFWL - GranularWig0243

Feel free to PM me gamertags and PSN names to add to the OP

Butters on
League of Legends: Lamby Cakes | XBox Live: Jon Butters


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