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PA comic: Monday August 22, 2011

BrogeyBrogey High MaintenanceSanta Monica, CAModerator mod
edited August 2011 in The Penny Arcade Hub
The Eastern Front

The story more or less from the beginning of the Xbox 360 has been about Japan. In an unguarded moment, you might hear a person from Microsoft (who should probably know better than to talk to me) wonder aloud whether it’s possible to succeed in this business without Japan. They are asking it in a way that implies they have already answered this question for themselves and, indeed, answered it in the affirmative.

I always thought they were being ridiculous; videogames come from Japan. I created the term Microsophistry specifically to corral these bits of nonsensical, philosophical fluff that could only be proved true in a universe where that corporation’s perverse gravity could warp the natural order. But I get it now, because it’s happening.

It has to do with sequestering Japan as a market from Japan as a cultural force.

Individual titles can have a non-zero effect on adoption, but the overall picture ain’t real hot. But the world is different place than it was with the first box: the global picture is such that a multiplatform release is a given now, even for weirdo crap like Catherine. If you’re releasing a game, and there’s no backroom shenanigans, and the company is not a wholly owned subsidiary, you’re releasing it on the boxes people own.

The persistent rumor, the one that is to beautiful to live, describes a world where the next generation system is a collaborative effort between Sony and Microsoft, each playing to their own strengths. Having had experience with both, it’s rare that people express a preference for PSN as an end-user or for the Playstation 3 as a development environment. God of War and Uncharted are games you buy systems to play, though. And they need a united front to fight off retailers in an increasingly digital world.

I don’t believe this would ever happen, for no other reason than because it makes sense and is a great idea.

(CW)TB out.

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