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Guilty (and not-so-guilty) Pleasures. We should all be ashamed of ourselves

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We've all been there. You go to the movies, watch that flick on a whim without knowing a lot about it beyond the fact that it seems fun, and then you enjoy yourself immensely. You go home, look at the reviews, and the thing got obviously panned by critics, moviegoers, or both. You know you shouldn't have enjoyed it even before looking; this thing was bound to be bad, and honestly it kind of was, but you liked it anyway.

OR -- you liked the movie, and got home only to discover that seemingly nobody liked it except you and a very select few others, but you have no idea why! Maybe you have bad taste, or, just as likely, the thing was aimed at a very specific niche group of people and you just happen to be a part of that niche.

Now, a piece of media that has been vindicated over time or a cult classic is not what I'm talking about here. This is for the games, television shows, movies, art, and other media that makes you suspect you may actually have bad taste, or at least a blind spot with regard to this one piece. For example, this phenomenon has bled into SE++, where Pony Love is now rampant (and, I understand, contagious. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and cosplay). It is a rare example of a large group of people embracing something that is objectively terrible, yet they love it anyway.

Now, I sort of expect the odd person to come in here and defend their love of Ultraviolet. This is okay; we're not here to judge you. Okay, I'm not here to judge you. I can't speak for the rest of them. But if you know it is bad and that is why you love it, that is something else. Any piece of media you wish to defend and discuss should have some sort of quality that you see as good which causes you to enjoy it on its own merits, not on a so-bad-it's-good basis. Troll 2 is not a guilty pleasure; it is the result of Obs and Satan's love.

I'll start things off.


Johnny English is a movie that has a 33% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It is criticized largely because it is compared to Austin Powers and other spy film spoofs that came out around the same time. But I say who cares about those! I don't watch a movie to compare it to another one. I watch a movie to be entertained, and Rowan Atkinson entertained me in this movie. I know that his brand of humor isn't for everyone, but I was genuinely perplexed at the near-universal panning it got on release. For me, even if the joke is old, a new telling can be made fresh or funny in the way it's told, so I enjoyed myself thoroughly. There's a sequel to this movie coming out, too! I'll probably end up going to see it, even knowing it will be reviewed into the ground.

Please don't make this a poll thread. Defend your guilty pleasures with words! Tell us why you consider it a guilty pleasure, or why you expect to be mocked for liking a thing, or something other than just posting a video game title or a movie poster.

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