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PAX PRIME 2011 Pictures and Videos thread!

DarkphibreDarkphibre Registered User regular
edited September 2011 in PAX Archive
Hey everyone! I've been taking and posting pictures at every PAX, and thought I would get the photo thread started for this year's PAX. I'll be editing this post as you respond with your collections so we can have an easily-traversable list of all your great photos. Also, if you use flickr, be sure to use the #PaxPrime11 and/or the #Pax11tags.

If you do choose to post the photos directly (or include favorites), please remember the forum rules:
Maximum allowable image size is 500KB and 800 pixels in width. This includes animated GIFs. If you need to share a larger picture, link to it. Placing spoiler tags around an image that breaks these rules does not make it okay to post. Images behind spoilers load with the page.

It's always a delight to see what everyone captures, and I look forward to seeing what turns up!

HaloFest, Audiences, Cygnar Casemod, and Firefall by Darkphibre (8)

Flickr (574 edited) and SmugMug (1261 edited/unedited) by Darkphibre (1261)
Photobucket by Radicallsotope (260)
Buttoneers: Flickr Facebook, PAX: Flickr, Facebook, "Photos by SvK (209)
Flickr by royaloliver (189)
Facebook by Yokijirou (173)
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Photos by KyoBoATVfXQ (171)
Flickr by DTJAAAAM (159)
Friday, Saturday, Photos by Amleya (149)
Facebook by Redwingedblackbird (141)
Facebook by Yamara (139)
Facebook, Flickr, Photos by SwordMage (135)
Komo News by jmckelden (121)
Flickr, Facebook Day 1, 2, 3. Photos by thegh0sts (111)
Friday, Saturday Photos, and Sunday Photos by TheJackyl (101)
Picasa by Elmnator AKA Elmy (85)
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Photos by mikozilla (149) by jukkakhan (76)
G4 TV Cosplay Photos by (69)
Picasa by AutomaticJim (66)
Flickr by Knight_ (63)
Facebook by Lelental (61)
Facebook by Imperfected (59)
Flickr by Arikado (59)
Facebook by billjersey (58)
Picasa by skylatron (58)
Facebook by makostrife (51)
Flickr by fabricatordjinn (49)
Facebook by Slipstream0 (39)
Facebook by Melcene (33)
Flickr by a0011a91 (33)
Flickr by rancorey (31)
Facebook by Techniichan (30)
Tumblr by Zahriel (29)
Full Rez available on request by eMDee (28)
PAX Facebook by . (21)
Flickr by (18)
League of Legends Cosplay by GinRyu (16)
Flickr by VeeSee (7)
Forum Post by vgc (3)
Forum Post by Yamisukoru (2)
Forum Post by Ironhide (1)
Forum post by Wingedillidan (1)
Quorra from Tron by Vasarian (1)
Forum Post by sparou (1)
Forum Post by Chiari (1)
Forum Post by Hemisphere (1)
Forum Post by Atashi (1)
Tinypic by Zeris (1)

Videos by ypod (10)
Expo Hall by Elmnator AKA Elmy (5)
YouTube by jukkakhan (5)
Videos of the Cosplay Contest by (4)
Youtube (Concert) by MJPM (4)
Forum Post by thegh0sts (4)
YouTube by Chichen (3)
dD - Drift Doctor; Expo hall floor by fastmatt (2)
YouTube (Green Ranger) by a0011a91 (2)
PAX Prime 2011 Highlights by Metal Jesus (1)
Wheaton meets Codex & Fawkes by markjamesmurphy (1)
Dancing Zombies @PAX by MentholKiller (1)
Jerry Dancing at PAX '11 by SilverEternity (1)
Forum Post by Schrodinger (1)
Mortal Kombat Dancers by Techniichan (1)
YouTube by Solcade (1)
Forum Post (Expo Stampede) by Senicks (1)
PAX Photos, Prep Photos, Photos by hml151 (149)

Updated Thursday morning; keep them coming!

Darkphibre on


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