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Game Deals Thread

KaseiusKaseius Registered User regular
edited September 2012 in Games and Technology

This thread is here to help people share sweet deals on games that you've found around the 'net. No matter how little of a discount, that last 2$ might be the tipping point for someone willing to buy that damned game they want. I don't think this needs much of an introduction, but I aim to keep this opening post updated so that YOU can easily find deals without having to look through every page of this thread. However, as a lot of 'smaller' deals might sell out more quickly (such as used stock online), I'd definitely suggest checking the newest page or two if you have time.

I make no guarantee that these deals will be available when you check it, but I'll do my best to make sure it's up to date.

Amazon Labor Day PC Download Sale, includes:

Mass Effect 3 - 16$ or digital deluxe 20$
Kingdoms of Amalur - 16$
Grand Theft Auto 4 and Max Payne 3 - 30$
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - 10$
Sims 3 - 12$
Darkness 2 - 10$
Syndicate - 10$
Dead Space Dual Pack - 8$
Divinity 2 - 6$
and some other stuff.

Preorders w/ Credit:

Borderlands 2 PS3/360 + 10$ credit

Resident Evil 6 preorder + 10$ credit

I'm looking for a deal on (digital download service), is there any deal on (game)?
or you can try this one:


Are you a student or someone with a .edu email? Get your first 6 months of Amazon Prime free HERE. Free 2-day shipping on every item, and free release date shipping on all preorders!

Don't mind buying used? Check the Amazon Warehouse Deals -- you can find some stuff at really great prices here. It's all eligible for their awesome shipping too!

3DS Section

PS3 Section

360 Section

Wii Section

PSP Section

Post any deals you find, and let me know if any in the OP have gone bad!

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