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Blurry desktop display at 1600x1200

Flippy_DFlippy_D Digital ConquistadorLondonRegistered User regular
Hi folks,

Could use a hand. I have a 20" V7 S20PD TFTLCD monitor hooked up to a GTX580 via a VGA cable. I have always had a weird problem with the display on this thing - everything is slightly blurry. I get around it by employing an oddball custom resolution of 1400x1052, but I'm tired of having to use that and setting it up every time I upgrade my nvidia drivers.

Now, I just did upgrade my drivers trying to fix Deus Ex crashing (another problem - keeps crashing after you return to Sarif at the end of the first mission, any suggestions welcome), which didn't resolve the problem and gave me this stupid display error again.

This is what it looks like - text gives the best example, although it also affects graphics outside of gaming.


Anyone have any ideas?



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