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Big [House] in the big house. [SPOILER rules in OP]

chamberlainchamberlain Registered User regular
edited September 2011 in Debate and/or Discourse
This is House.


He doesn't like you. He doesn't like himself very much either.

Last season was a bit of a mixed bag.

The season finale saw him go from this:


to this:


Does House get away with attempted murder?

In a word: no.

Cuddy is gone. House is in jail. I will admit that I am still looking forward to the season, but that is probably my huge man crush in Hugh Laurie talking.

mod edit: Stuff from previous seasons does not need to be spoilered. Stuff from episodes more than a week old does not need to be spoilered. Stuff from episodes LESS than a week old SHOULD be spoilered. Stuff from episodes EXACTLY one week old should be written in purple font and accompanied by a picture of a bonobo.

ElJeffe on
The list never changes:


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