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DruhimDruhim Registered User, ClubPA regular
edited August 2011 in Singularity Engine++
Man, fucking tamales dudes. They can be so fucking good you don't even know. Unless you do and then welcome to the fucking tamale club (not the tamale fucking club though).

For those of you poor, ignorant, deprived savages that aren't familiar with the amazing tamale, it is a wonderfully diverse and adaptable edible parcel.

I mean, look at this tasty shit:

The defining feature of a tamale is that it's a pocket of masa de maiz, or corn meal dough that is wrapped either in corn husks or plantain/banana leaves and then steamed. They can be stuffed with delicious meats, or just vegetables, they can even be sweet instead of savory! They can be spicy as fuck or mild enough for spice babbies to enjoy. In other parts of south America they even use other types of leaves, like chard leaves that you can eat with the tamale instead of unwrapping it. Tamales steamed in plantain/banana leaves have a wonderful sweet, earthy flavor imparted to the masa and one version of Oaxaca tamales is chicken in mole sauce steamed in plantain leaves. So fucking good.

Are you fucking hungry yet?

Fuck bad tamales though. With their dried out masa, they are a crime against nature. But a good tamale with moist, succulent masa and delicious filling of your choice can be a wonderful thing indeed. Unfortunately good tamales are quite time consuming to make from scratch, so if you don't have purveyor of good tamales near you or a Mexican grandmother who is willing to slave away for hours for good food, you're pretty much shit out of luck. Sorry England, your loss.

Let's drool over tamales together.



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