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Now with more homoerotic overtones and multiplayer! [Mass Effect 3]

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It will be a sad, sad day when these threads are no longer made. Until then: party in the USA.


This just in! New official screenshots for the ME3 case cover art!



What? Okay, fiiiiiiiine.

Simple rules for not being a big stupid jellyfish:

1. No arguments over who's the better voice actor. People like them both. They have their preferences. You can express your own opinions without being a dick about it.

2. No bitching when people quote lines one or more times than you care to hear. It's the internet. See Hangover Shepard for reference.

3. Garrus is the best.

4. Be kind to our "friend from Noveria" and don't quote his inflammatory statements. We love him. Be nice.

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