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Listen, chumpo. In the grim future of Glossolalia, there is only Derelicte. So stuff it.

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Derelict is the coolest and also best play-by-post Role-Playing RPG Game adventure! Click the flags above to learn more about this incredible RPRPGG! It's a post-apocalyptic science-fiction steampunk pirate erotica fan-fiction extravaganza! No other PBP game can boast both clockwork pirate-ship-shaped tanks and sexy rat ladies.

In addition to in-character posts made in this thread, the players of Derelict meet once a week on instant messenger to have a live play session. Currently these are scheduled for 9:00 PM EST on Mondays.

Oh yeah, and I guess you can also use this thread to talk about those other dumb washed-up games that are run by people who aren't me and therefore suck.


The year is 2560, and humanity has colonized the solar system. On the terraformed, paradise-world of Callisto, the Temple of the Harmonic Mind teaches a select group of dedicated humans to attune their minds and bodies to the patterns and rythms of the universe. The training is difficult, but once completed the monks can bend the fundamental elements of our world--earth, fire, water, and even the fabric of space--to their will. However, many teachers believe that one's talents can only be found in the heat of battle.

It's for this reason that a handful of students has been sent to Mars to shut down a small band of slavers. Their sesei believes victory is assured, but will they be able to work as a team and unlock their superhuman abilities? And, more importantly, will they be ready for what happens next?


A band of colorful characters wake up in the brig of an airship with no memory of who they are, where they're from or why anyone would bother to capture them. In the process of escaping their imprisonment, they learn they're all members of the Slate family, and that someone's been sending letters in red envelopes that make rather suspicious requests of certain powerful people and organizations. Hoping to find some answers (and a place to temporarily call home), the Slate siblings have teamed up with the Serpent Clan. With the Clan's influence and the Slates' skills, they both might find what they're looking for.

Assuming this dysfunctional family can get along.

GMed by DE?AD

DE?AD should gimme a player list to post here.
Hey, I wanna play too!

Hurray! We are always glad to have more new players. Each currently running game uses some variation of DE?AD's own currently-in-progress role-playing system, [%]. The system is designed for ease-of-use, and even if you've never played an RPG before, it should be very easy for you to pick up and understand. The current edition of the [%] Core Rules can be found on the Glossolalia wiki here. For the most part, though, as a player you don't actually need to know most of that stuff, as your GM will take care of the majority of it for you. The main thing you'll need to know is how to create a character.
How to create a character for Derelict

How to create a character for Resonance
How to create a character for Slate Gray

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