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MorivethMoriveth Nobody suspects a thing...Registered User regular
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It’s a Diablo-esque game where you shoot dudes, level up, get tons of guns, and repeat! It’s pretty damned good. Despite this description.

So what’s it about? Well, you’re silly if you play Borderlands for the thin story it has, but basically you play one of four mercenaries hunting for the vault on the backwater planet of Pandora. What’s in the vault is unknown, but it’s rumored to be amazing!

And these vault hunters?


Roland is probably the most ‘shootery’ of the hunters. A former Crimson Lance mercenary, his special ability is to throw out a gun turret. Said turret can be altered to do things like heal yourself and nearby allies, regenerate ammo for everyone in its area of effect, or just shoot guys harder and faster. Roland’s probably the dude to play through the game singleplayer because of this, and additionally because some of his skills give him passive ammo regeneration and insane clip size increases.


Mordecai is the sniper of the foursome. His special ability is his pet Rakk, Bloodwing, which he can periodically throw out to assault enemies. Bloodwing can also do things like heal damage to you with damage it deals, cause enemies to drop more items upon death, and attack more often. I play Mordecai on the 360, he’s really a lot of fun, though kind of tough to solo with sometimes.


Lilith! I have never played as Lilith so I don’t know much about her, but apparently people say she’s the best character or something. Her ability is phasewalking, where she turns invisible and runs really fast, and when she turns visible again she explodes in a burst of elemental energy. Said energy can be changed/enhanced through skill points, I guess.

And then there’s Brick. Who’s a big lumbering guy who can go berserk and punch a bunch of dudes. I think he’s widely agreed upon to be the least effective character, but I don’t know. He seems like he’d be interesting to play once you get him up in level, at least.

So I’ve finished this game and I want more, is there?

But of course! Since Borderlands came out nearly two years ago, Gearbox was kind enough to bless us with four (mostly) good DLC packs!


The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned takes place in Jakobs’ Cove, a mysterious little island on Pandora. Something has gone wrong, wrong enough to infect the entire population with a zombie virus. Also, there’s wereskags. Wereskags, people.


Mad Moxxi’s Underground Riot is basically Gearbox’s version of Horde mode from Gears of War, Firefight from Halo, and so on. Only it’s not really that fun to play, since the competitions take way too long and you get no experience or anything from the fights. This also added item banks, which is really the main reason to get the DLC (though still not at full price). Still, I want to finish this on the 360 sometime so I can get the achievements.


This is possibly the best DLC in my opinion. Continuing the ‘story’ after the main game (though this contains roughly ten times the amount of story that was in the main game), you have to defeat the Crimson Lance once and for all, and fight General Knoxx! Only thing annoying about this DLC is the amount of driving you have to do, since driving in Borderlands is pretty boring and awkward.


Claptrap’s gone nuts and has turned all the other Claptraps against humanity! You have to stop him! That's about all I can say without spoiling anything about the end of Borderlands! But it's a decent DLC!

Anyway, the reason I made this thread is because I want to play it with people, and hopefully people aren’t utterly sick of playing this game and would like to play it as well. I’ll be keeping a list of who has the game and for what system, so if you folks would be kind enough to list your system and gamertag/username/whatever, I’ll add it to the list. Also, if you can, list what characters you’re playing and their levels, so we can more easily find people of comparable level to us.


Moriveth - Moriveth (30-ish Soldier)
Houk - Houk (18 Siren)
Yukira - NotDrWily - Siren
FlatEric - TheMrDomino
MrMonroe - MrMonroe
Huntera - Huntera
Melding - Melding
Nikolai - Phoberhomie (Phoberomy on Gamespy)
#pipe - hash_pipe
vorprostein - dmVopro
TrippyJing - TrippyJing
Dubh - Dubh
Shorty - ???
Mysst - Mysst
Goose! - g0oseyourself
Man of The Waves - BuckarooHoliday
Doctor Fink - doctor_fink

Xbox 360:

Moriveth (47 Hunter)
Yukira - ModelZ - Siren
Raijin Quickfoot - RaijinQ
Artreus - Atlanticus
EidolonOrpheus - iyanden
Legba - WorldClassHack
Man of The Waves - BuckarooHoliday


peen - anonymous_burn

Moriveth on


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