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[Ambassador Fight] Boognish dominated Yoshi! Now NES Open Tournament Golf LOW scores!

mntorankusumntorankusu Registered User regular
edited September 2011 in Games and Technology

Each week we'll compete in one of the 10 free NES games available to everyone who purchased their 3DS and connected to the eShop on or before August 11. We are called Ambassadors, and we are here to fight. Though the primary motivation for this is the fact that most current 3DS owners have these games and will be able to compete, you don't have to play on your 3DS. If you own the original NES version or the Virtual Console version, you can play too!

Congrats to Boognish for dominating both Yoshi scoreboards!




This week we are playing NES Open Tournament Golf!
This game has some specific rules:
You must select Tournament -> Stroke Play -> 18H Tournament, and then any of the three 18-hole courses (USA, Japan, UK). Post your final score.

You may not play holes individually, or post the combined total of your best scores on each hole. You must play all 18 holes in sequence for your score to be valid.

Post your US Course scores in blue!
Post your Japan Course scores in red!
Post your UK Course scores in green!

And follow this formatting scheme to make it easier on me:

72 - RadicalDude
72 - AwesomeGuy
[color=green]72 - RadicalDude[/color]
[color=brown]72 - AwesomeGuy[/color]

Whenever you post a new score, @ mention me ( @mntorankusu ) in your post so I am notified about it. New scores should be in a new post-- don't edit your old ones, or I might miss them.

This thing works on the honor system. There are no prizes for playing and the only reason to compete is for fun, so hopefully that will deter anyone who would otherwise submit fake scores. Each poster's top score will be listed and ranked, so go ahead and post your score even if it's not very good. Maybe it will motivate you!

mntorankusu on


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