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Awesome: 'Refinishing Old Wood [Update] [Lock Please]' by Figgy

FiggyFiggy Registered User regular
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about two years ago
"@Figgy is a sweet guy, this was the OP of the thread in H/A: [quote]So my fiancee, her brother, and her father built a tree house in their backyard many, many years ago. Her mother and father later got divorced. The tree house stood as a sort of reminder of her happy childhood days as she grew up. A few months back, her mother decided it was time to tear the old thing down--it wasn't safe, and the last thing she needs is some neighbourhood kid sneaking in and getting hurt/killed. The trouble is, my fiancee did not know this was happening, and she only learned about it the next time she went to visit her mother. She was upset that she wasn't there to watch. Unbeknownst to her, I managed to salvage the trap door.[/quote] Below is the finished product before he put it in an ornate frame and gives it to his fiancee."
It's done! Thanks for the tips everyone!

It looks a lot shinier in these pics because of the flash.


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daniant wrote:
Alright, looks like I'm giving up golden showers for Lent.
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