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Ghostbusters in theaters near you HALLOWEEN NIGHT!

TankHammerTankHammer Extreme GhostbusterRegistered User regular
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E: check out the Ghostbusters Facebook page for dates and times.

Are you troubled by strange noises in...

This October, just in time for Halloween and allegedly just before they begin filming a third film in the franchise (with or without the consent of Bill Murray) Ghostbusters will be returning to theaters.

Regardless as to whether you love or are apathetic to the second or potential third film in the series, the original Ghostbusters manages to be one of the best things to ever come out of the 1980s aside from myself. The original Ghostbusters premiered in June of 1984 (just like yours truly) and cemented itself into the hearts and minds of everyone who ever saw it (unlike yours truly). It was a smash-hit and there are very few people in the entire world who cannot identify the iconic no-ghost logo of this fictional business which specializes in paranormal investigations and eliminations.

I can't be the only one who thinks "Los Cazafantasmas" sounds like a fucking awesome name!
From their Akihabra chapter, presumably.

I'm a pretty huge fan of the films, but where I got my start was the excellent cartoon produced in the 80s by Columbia Pictures Television and DiC enterprises.

Yes, I have the box set.

There was a toy line, a couple hit singles from the two soundtracks and a dedicated fanbase around the world who loves to get dressed-up in khaki or black flightsuits, strap their proton packs on their backs and drive their Ecto-1s around as modern-day Ghostbusters franchises.


So when you're seein' things running through your head or an invisible man is sleeping in your bed, you know who to call.

So who's gonna see this in theaters with me?

Also, post about times you maybe thought you saw a ghost in here if you want. It's nearly October and I figure I can get a jump on the creepy thread.

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