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System Shock 2 is a computer game. A computer game is where you push buttons and make things happen within a computer primarily for entertainment.

In this particular case your button pushes will make you pretend you're a soldier on a starship called the Von Braun, where something has gone very very wrong. Don't believe me? Just listen to the lady near the end of this clip...

You can be a soldier in one of three ways:

- Soldier Classic: Shoot things with guns
- Diet Soldier: Use technical skills to help you out
- Soldier Zero: Use psionic powers to burn or freeze dudes.

The lady in that cutscene guides you through the Von Braun while you fight the very very wrong things. On the way you have a non-zero chance of having terror struck into your heart while enjoying some funky techno music.

Eventually you reach something I like to call the Terminator 2 twist: If you'd been completely blind to this game before you started playing this would come as a shock, but the marketing largely spoilt it. In case you didn't know...

After this twist, you continue to fight very very wrong things and hopefully enjoy the tense atmosphere. This game is hard to find these days, but I recommend you try. For something in a similar vein, try BioShock. The similar name is deliberate.



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