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[IT'S OVER] The Humble Indie Bundle: Frozen Synapse Edition

Bobkins FlymoBobkins Flymo FF69B4Registered User, Moderator mod
edited October 2011 in Games and Technology

Yes it is time for another bundle! Only this time it's one game.

But hey, it's an AWESOME game and there's a delightful perk if your donation exceeds the average! The entire Frozenbyte bundle. That is quite a steal since the current average is around five bucks.

As always, the games are DRM free, available on a number of ze operating systems and many of the game codes work on Steam.

The last bundle pretty damn crazy, with lots of new games being added along the way. And don't worry, the new games are awarded to you retroactively! So don't worry about missing out because you were an early buyer.

So dive in, enjoy the games and try to donate at least a buck so they don't lose money doing this.

Current Games
Frozen Synapse

Pay Above Average
Shadowgrounds & Shadowgrounds Survivor
Splot (Preorder)
Jack Claw (Prototype Game)

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