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I don't really want to be the guy who only bitches about shit on here, but... well, fuck me.

My wife has had fatigue and night sweats for over a year, and doctors have just told her that there's nothing to worry about. About a month ago, she noticed swelling lumps between her neck and collarbone. Luckily the doctor she saw this time skipped scans and went right for biopsy. Well, the results came back inconclusive. So they surgically removed some lymph nodes last Thursday.

We went in to get the results a few hours ago and when they sent my daughter out of the room to play with one of the interns, I knew something was wrong. She's got Hodgkin's. I mean, I guess in terms of getting cancer, that's like winning the lottery, but still.

So they can't give her radiation treatment since she's only 24 weeks along in her pregnancy. They're looking at delivering the baby as early as 28 weeks. She'll have to go to Dallas since the neonatal care units here are not sufficient for our needs. In the meantime, I'm less than a year away from graduating so I've got to pull my shit together and get this done, but it means I'll likely be away from her during some rough times.

She and I have been crying together for the past few hours. I knew this was coming, since cancer doesn't run in her family so much as it drives NASCAR.

Sorry for being lengthy and depressing, SE++. I just needed to get that off my chest.

joshofalltrades on
ElJeffe wrote: »
Man, if I could get a 3D printer that could fabricate a vagina, I'd never leave the house again.


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