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A Very Spooky Pokethread

BugBoyBugBoy WINNERS DO LIKE BUGSRegistered User regular
edited October 2011 in Singularity Engine++


Did I scare you? Good, because this is the Halloween edition of the Pokethread!

What do we do in the month of October, you ask?

We dress up in costumes!


We tell ghost stories!


We log on to the Pokemon Global Link, and go to the SPOOKY MANSION

what's that, you ask? Why, my child, it's only the new Dream World Area! Packed with spooky monsters, it has all sorts of neat things, like Sableye, Mr.Mime, Ralts, and Meowth, all with special DW abilities.


What else do we do???

We buy the latest issue of Nintendo Power, so that we can get the code to unlock a SPECIAL BANNETTE

This Bannette not only has Cursed Body, but also Cotton Guard. This is your only chance to get a Bannette with Cotton Guard. SCARY!

We also lament how there isn't a Jack O'Lantern pokemon yet.

Maybe we make ghost teams? Maybe we tell scary stories? Maybe we talk in hushed tones about MISSINGNO?


One last thing.

Remember kids. Don't be afraid of ghosts!


You see lots of things, out there in the swamp at night. Some of them might even be real. But the Bugboy? That's just plain impossible.
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