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Awesome: '[EAST]er Ideas' by benswimming

benswimmingbenswimming Registered User regular
edited October 2011 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
I live a few blocks from Just Born where they make Peeps. Even got to go on a tour of the factory, and of course saw this lovely car.


PAX EAST 2011 Omeganaut
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  • TrenogTrenog Registered User regular
    Reminds me of that elephant seal picture that keeps going round the forums

  • ArbitraryDescriptorArbitraryDescriptor Registered User regular
    Trenog wrote:
    Reminds me of that elephant seal picture that keeps going round the forums
    I cannot unsee this, but I don't think I'd ever want to.

  • MichaelLCMichaelLC In what furnace was thy brain? ChicagoRegistered User regular
    Does it explode if you put it in the microwave too?

    The seal, not the car.

    Excision wrote: »
    My girlfriend is going down tonight!

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